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Blackpool on LL


Striving for slimness
Hiya all, as most of you know I'm on my last week or two of development, have 4lbs left until my goal weight. The thing is, I'm off to blackpool for 3 days this weekend (sun-tues) with my partner and his family. Feeling a bit down whenever I think about it, cos feels depressing that they'll all be going out for meals etc doing lots of things involving food and I'm going to have to just sit there. It's crossed my mind about just having a day or two off the diet and just being careful. Feeling pretty down and wondering how I will be able to deal with this trip. The only trip I've had during LL is one night in a hotel on valentines day and I had nothing. Guess it's harder cos I'm very near my goal, in a size 12 now (come from a size 22) and I've got my rebelious child head on, feeling sorry for myself that I won't be able to have as much 'fun' as everyone else when I've worked so hard and haven't lapsed once. Do you guys think I could get away with a few days off the diet, or should I just do what my concience is telling me I should and take my packs, and smile my way through it feeling just a bit pants inside
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I really feel for you, DL.

Problem is if you let it slip now, what will happen in the future when you are not on the programme. I am sure you know if you can really handle it though and will make the right choice for you!
I know its a bummer but my advice would be to abstain...... U are SO close to finishing (uve done amazin btw) do u really need it??

... I wanna see pics btw! x


Striving for slimness
Yeah you guys are right, the question really is do I really need it? I've been through loads of situations on this diet surely I can do this, it just so depressing sometimes though lol, oh I dunno what to do. I should be strong

Will be sure to post the pics when I get em claire! Love pics!
I did last bank holiday weekend in Blackpool with 36 of my mates and I managed to abstain all the way through it.

The smell of the fast food along the sea front made me feel sick as did the smell in some of the cafes we went into. I did wobble on the saturday afternoon because I wanted to drink but I texted some of my LL group and got support from them and then carried on with my little bottles of water.

Good luck, you can do it - especially when you are so close, but take loads of little bottles of water with you and a big bag to carry them around in :D
You have done so well Donnalou - good luck for the weekend. Won't be long until you are on RTM so if poss abstain but end of the day it's your choice. Don't feel pressured or guilty, look at what you have achieved in such a short amount of time. x


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A couple of days off plan would mean a week or two longer in abstinence, PLUS getting back into ketosis.

Go again when you're maintaining, and have fun then, while staying sensible and in control, and you can have a fabulous guilt free break!
Hey there Donna - c'mon now - why break abstinance for just a couple of days in Blackpool? Milan - Paris - maybe. Blackpool? Is it worth it? ;)

If I can survive 4 weeks in America at home with friends and family and one party/BBQ/roadtrip after another while abstaining - day 8 so far - then you can too!!

You can do it - a few days will cost you way more in the long run. You will feel so good and so in control if you abstain.

Good luck kiddo - you know which I would choose for you. :)


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