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Blazin' forth


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What good is a diary unless it contains an awful pun? *ahem*

Hi, my name is Blaze and I'm a reformed WeightWatcher. I've followed Weightwatchers twice, the first time after I lost a baby and put on a lot of weight through comfort eating. I was 13 stone at my first class, which is the heaviest I've ever been. I was successful at my attempt and I lost a stone and a half, which was when I found out I was pregnant again.

I joined Weightwatchers for the second time when my son was 2 months old. I didn't do as well this time around, I found it very difficult to stick to with having a baby to look after - I just did not have the time to work out points and when I did, I was using them to eat rubbish like sweets and using all my allowance on them and going hungry. I started out at 12 stone 8 pounds and I lost a stone altogether, but hit a plateau and stayed the same for weeks.

When the plan changed to ProPoints, I got excited - but it still didn't work for me. I left Weightwatchers around Christmas time and I've been going a few pounds up and down, up and down since - but no real losses.

I've put off trying Slimming World, mainly because I didn't really understand it. I'd heard all the myths about how unhealthy it was 'because you can eat an entire chicken if you want' and things like that.

I've done it for a week so far and the difference between how I feel now, doing Slimming World, and how I felt doing WeightWatchers all that time, is immense. I really don't feel like I'm on a diet, I just feel like I'm eating healthily and I love it. :D
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is a tasty crumpet
I completely forgot I started this - *slaps self on hand*

I had three and a half weeks off work on leave, due to a lot of family events - my partner's birthday, the baby's first birthday, MY birthday and a few more. The plan completely went out of the window, although I'm happy to say I did make better food choices. I've started again now and I'm happy I did come off plan because I think I needed to.


is a tasty crumpet
Back on plan again today, I had a family Christening yesterday and although I was on plan for breakfast and for tea, I didn't stick to plan during the Christening as there was a buffet. Being completely honest with myself, this made me go off plan during the evening as well. I didn't go mad, I had some cereal bars that I shouldn't have done.

That's one thing I do struggle with - to use the cliched phrase 'Drawing a line under it and starting again' - it's hard for me to think, 'Right I've had that now, start again' on the actual day that I've slipped up a bit.

Today is a new day though, I'm determined to keep a proper food diary today and I don't want to mess it up by having too many syns.

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