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Bleeding Gums


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Since about the third week my gums have been bleeding for no reason. I could be sitting watching tv and I can taste the blood in my mouth. They just start bleeding and I have to use listerine to make it stop. I can't brush my teeth for more then 30 seconds as it starts bleeding straight away. I always have this very horrible taste in my mouth because of this. Is anyone else having gum problems?
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Hey Jesi... no... and I think that sounds quite unusual. Maybe it's coming off normal food...it could have weakened your gums or something??

Sounds pretty unpleasant hun...you poor thing. Now.. one thing I take is CoEnzyme Q10. It's a total wonder drug for loads and loads of things...particularly heart tissue. BUT in many countries it is recommended for patients who have gum disease as it strengthens them up no end. It gives you so much energy (it is found naturally in meat) and has NO side effects. I take around 90mg a day and last time I went to the dentist he said I had incredibly healthy gums soooo....

I know I sound like a total preacher...and honestly I don't work for a drugs company...but I'd advise ANYONE to take this stuff- it's brilliant.

Hope you get it sorted whatever- sounds painful :-(



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Thanks Determined Girl i will look that up sounds good :)

The thing is I am 29 and my teeth are perfect. I have all my teeth in tact and I do not have any that are rotten. My dentist has also said that he has not seen many patients my age that still has a perfect set of teeth.
My husband thinks that as I am losing weight my gums must be shrinking so that might make them bleed. I am going to see what happens this week.
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Hi Hun x

Mine have been bleeding more when I wash them but my sister had it worse like you have x
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wonder if it's because when we eat (normally) the action of chewing etc 'toughens' them up....but when there's no abrasive action they soften and then bleed?


Really hope you get it sorted

Just a suggestion - could it be you are brushing your gums and teeth more vigorously to get rid of a bad taste, and consequently you are damaging your gums because you are not brushing them gently and properly - ie downwards from gum to teeth for the top set, and upwards from gum to teeth for the bottom set. People brush up and down but the top set and bottom set should be brushed separately or the gum can be loosened from the tooth - according to dentists!


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Hey, I didnt have problems with my gums but me and Mark both had problems with our teeth becoming quite week and brittle and breaking!

I didnt care about alcohol being in my mouthwash and used aqua fresh with added flouride to help strengthen my teeth

When I had a gum infection the dentist told me to your Corsodyll (sorry for spelling) and that cleared up my gum infection in no time at all


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I had more gum bleeding at the start, for the first couple of weeks, I wouldn't have brushed my teeth but all of a sudden there would be some blood, freaked me at first but then abated. Fine now, I do get bleeding gums when I brush but not in between.
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Hi there, I noticed my gums were sore this morning, is it OK to take extra vitamins on the Lipotrim diet. I have only just started this week.
Extra Vit c may help.


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I get bleeding gums too, and wasn't sure it was related to my diet until I read this thread. I've got my six monthly check up in a couple of weeks so will talk to my dentist if it doesn't clear up. I might try some Corsodyl in the meantime.

irish molly

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Have not had this yet and had a full check with dentist the week before I started. Bleeding gums is usually more a sign of gum disease. Mention it to your pharmacist. Perhaps ask the dentist to give them a good check over.


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I might be a bit late in replying to this, but when I was on LT I had swollen gums, and had to go to dentist to find I had gum disease!!! But, it was the one that could be treated - gingivitis.

I had been to the dentist only weeks before and all was ok.

Not sure if it was a side effect of LT, but after about a month of using a special gel, it cleared up.

I would get it checked out to be safe.

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