Bloated on SS+

This is day 3 of SS+ and Day 10 of CD. I am so bloated today - my stomach is poking back out again!

Has this happened to others on SS+?

I haven't managed all my water today for the first time on 10 days - too busy. Could this be the case? Will try to get another litre in before midnight!
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Do you need the toilet(number 2)?, sorry to be crude but could be a cause.
Water is essential and will keep things flowing so make sure you get it down. :)
No number 2 today :sigh:

Better luck tomorrow!


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Hi, i'm the same with SS+... my tum seems to expand and feel bloated...I put it down to suddenly having bulk (food) going through my system and also creating trapped wind. When i'm SSing I don't have any wind and my tum feels much better. I gotta say I feel loads better on SS but I'm approaching an op soon and have to re-introduce food... as badger1980 says, the more water the better I guess.