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Blood Type

I'm an O positive... Although this is my first week of atkins, I'm down 6 plus lbs...

Is blood type a determining factor in weight loss? This is interesting! :)
I'm A- Rhesus negative Kizzie, have you read something about weight loss anf blood group?
I;m A neg ...................x
The people I work for have been following the blood type diet for years.. NOT for weight loss.. BUT it seems that the O blood type should follow a high protein diet.. ie meats, fish, shellfish, leafy greens, (they do add dark fruits -plums, cherries etc in moderation).. the more I was reading about it and watching the reaction when one of the household ate something they shouldn't the more I connected it to Atkins (New Version)... the difference is that O's shouldn't eat dairy and all blood groups should deter from corn and wheat...Potatoes and nightshades are particularly bad for O's

The thing with it was the detailed description regarding health.. easy weight gain due to sluggish thyroid -O's- .. and the types of exercise the groups benefit from..

The A factor is really interesting Jim.. LOL.. apparently you should avoid meat! LOL.. so I guess it has it's downers.. preferring A's to eat lentils and find

It's an interesting read anyway.. I did try it one summer a few years ago.. when I started with the family, but I didn't lose much weight in the two months I followed it.. HOWEVER, I had more energy than I've ever had.. and my hair/skin was incredible...

I just thought it was interesting how similar the O diet is to the Atkins diet... Might combine the two!
Here are the links to the basic outlines for each group..

Blood Type B info
Eat Right For Your Type :: What Makes a 'Type B' an Individual?

Blood Type A
Eat Right For Your Type :: What Makes a 'Type A' an Individual?

Blood Type O
Eat Right For Your Type :: What Makes a 'Type O' an Individual?

Blood Type AB
Eat Right For Your Type :: What Makes a 'Type AB' an Individual?
**Sorry forgot to add.. that one of the huge reactions to A's. O's and AB's eating dairy is the production of mucus... the only blood type that can properly tolerate it is B... it's almost immediate!
Morning Kizzie, I'm off to read up on this.
I've just been reading the links provided above :)
I am A positive and so is my older brother. We are both very longtime vegetarians! But we LOVE cheese. I can't say it has ever produced a mucus problem in me - or in my bro! I don't eat as much cheese as I'd like to cos it stalls me.
I don't know my blood type.:( I was thinking of asking my gp as I had been looking on amazon about eat right 4 your blood type. Cheryl Cole is rumored to have lost weight on it (like she needs to lol).

ETA: I am probably O as it's the most common and I should probably stay away from dairy so that bit makes sense.

I just read link for type O and it said prone to insulin resistance and stomach acid problems, also impulsiveness when bored etc...interesting!
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