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Bloody bloody meal on Saturday (WARNING: RANT)


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If I thought for a minute that my mother-in-law understood this plan, I would be con-bloomin'-vinced that she was out to sabotage my efforts. Last time we went for a meal with them she chose a pie restaurant. EVERY dish (apart from one - Liver and Bacon with mash and veg - which I chose) was a great big pie. And I swear she looked a bit miffed that I'd discovered the liver and bacon. This time it's a pub meal. I thought she'd chosen it for it's convenient location (seeing as the menu's a bit rubbish, plus it's not particularly cheap, and they only serve food til 8pm) Apparently not, and now we've got to sod about with me giving people lifts (ie drive for 45 minutes to get to them, then ferry back and forth getting everyone else there). Jeez. As if working full days on both Saturday and Sunday wasn't enough to make this weekend rubbish!!


Apologies. Rant over.
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Oh Dear, Lucky, doesn't seem you were quite so lucky with MIL, hey?!
Really annoying when things like that happen, I know! My MIL was a right swine for doing things like that. Never mind, I'm sure you are made of strong stuff and will soon bounce back.

Take care...:)


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Oh dear, sounds relaxing NOT:rolleyes: Hope you manage to find something on the menu that's SW ish:cool:


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Nothing really that I can see on the menu that'll be that good. Maybe an ommlette. Yum yum. Well worth driving around for a couple of hours for (I don't think).

Sorry - I am being a grump I know, but Saturday working 8.30 - 5, and Sunday 9 - 5.30, so this is going to be a royal pain in the watsits.

Maybe I'll just have steak and chips and only have a few of the chips. Hmm


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Sorry but she would have to be told after working all day I would not want to run about after everyone else.

Hope you have anice time tho!!!!
I thought the same! Be ill! Sorry but I wouldn't let anyone get me frustrated and used by all to taxi. Or just say NO You knowing I'm dieting,doubt she will ask again x
I can't be ill - I made his dad an allotment cake and want to see if he likes it!! Tentatively raised the subject with o/h last night after rant. Apparently he 'told her off' yesterday. He's decided that we'll go there, he'll swop places with his mum, and I'll take her while him and his dad walk (it's only 10 mins walk from their place because you can cut through a housing estate - about the same to drive because you have to go the long way round).

Just looking at footage from the volcano and getting perspective back.

Thanks for listening to my rant when I needed it xx

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