BLs soup question has raised the need for a poll....

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by rainbow, 30 July 2009 Social URL.


Do you like the LL Tomato soup?

Poll closed 13 August 2009.
  1. Nope - yak

    16 vote(s)
  2. Yup - love it

    9 vote(s)
  3. Its ok

    3 vote(s)
  1. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    So who likes the tomato soup? .......
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  3. DillyDee

    DillyDee Full Member

    I fear I may be in the minority as I love it!
  4. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Me too Dily - I just joined you, and not bad - 3 to 5 at the moment!!

  5. Preeti77

    Preeti77 Full Member

    I love it too! Mine was the second vote! :) Hey BL how are you keeping on Day 4???
  6. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    I love it
  7. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Hi PReeti! I am doing great so far! Thanks! Really ready for Ketosis....I am still HUNGRY!!!! LOL

    If its like last time, I should hit the big K tomorrow. Phew!

    But it is good. I feel good, and its exciting, and the little moments where I feel sorry for myself get laughed away when I think, I have spent more then half of my life needing to lose 100 pounds, and now, all I need to lose is 14-28 depending if I change my mind and settle back where I ended LL, ro if I go for gold. Today, I am going for gold. Ask me again in 5 weeeks. :D

    But it does make me giggle. It seems such a small amount compared to what I faced in the past. It feels good.

    Thanks hon!!
    How are you getting on? :)
  8. Preeti77

    Preeti77 Full Member

    Hey BL
    I am on day 4 too! Time to take this journey all the way!
    Ketosis cannot come sooner!:17729:
  9. pancras

    pancras Full Member

    I love the tomato soup, I thought I was in a minority of win.
  10. lucylastic

    lucylastic Silver Member

    I never even tried it, hate normal tomato soup, so didn't think there was any point in wasting a meal on trying one!

    Love the chicken soup though - it's the only one I bother with now, I think it's deeeeelish! Mind you, I used to think that about the thai chilli, now the smell of that makes me gag :( :)
  11. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    Its quite a close call x
  12. Needs2losealot

    Needs2losealot Full Member

    yuck yuck yuck give me the sick bowl now as you can guess i hate it.

    x x x sam x x x
  13. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    When I had it a couple of times, it WAS nice, but the powder mix made it taste quite "gritty". The flavour was great but ... the sandy deposit in it wasn't very good...
  14. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    I agree its got a nice taste just not a very nice texture...hmm i guess we cant have everything! :rolleyes:
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