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Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by blufizz, 28 July 2011 Social URL.

  1. blufizz

    blufizz Full Member

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    28th july 2011

    back after a break,not going to make any sweeping statements or
    self-promises yadda yadda....just need to get back into it and focus on my health...every lb lost will bring me closer to feeling well again :)

    Ive made a list-"against losing weight" and "for losing weight"
    for every negative/against losing weight ive listed how to change that into a positive/for losing weight....going to read this list every night and every morning-think positve :)

    so, hope everyone else is doing great, wish me luck and drop by and say hiya anytime!
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  3. blufizz

    blufizz Full Member

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    2x weetabix heb
    milk hea

    sparkling water with lemon and lime slices....trying hard to go cold turkey on diet coke lol

    home made carrot/lentil/coriander soup

    sparkling water/lemon/lime

    going to have-
    bak pot
    pasta n sauce (milk he a )
    side salad
    home made coleslaw
    extra light mayo 2 sins (need to check this)

  4. Charleybarley

    Charleybarley Gold Member

    Healthy Eating/SW
    Hi blufizz
    Welcome back, I started back yesterday with my very first food diary too, so perhaps we can spur each other on.

    I think your pos/neg idea is a good one, Positive Mental Attitude - I wished I had some, I go into SW or any diet thinking "i can do this i can do this" but my desire and want and need to be bad and reach for treats overcomes my need to be slim somehow. But still we keep trying... do you have much to lose? I have lots to lose but would really just be happy with 3 stone off and then see if I want to do more. I never wanted to be skinny, my mind wouldnt let me! But I do want to fit into my old clothes which are sitting there getting eaten by moths.

    Anyhow, good luck to you and good choice for your meals today - I too am having Pasta N Sauce on a Jacket.
  5. blufizz

    blufizz Full Member

    Start Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    hiya charley'

    thanks for the welcome back-its much appreciated x

    and welcome back to you too.

    ive quite a bit to lose yes...tho im going to aim for half stones at a time....its kinder that way lol

    and i too have lots of wonderful clothes sitting gathering dust im determined to get back into

    my main concern is my health-or lack of it lately...fed up making excuses to myself and although had some family probs i dont want to keep using that as an excuse for being so unhealthy...

    ive bounced back and forth from here to a group and back again,made myself promises etc.....got going then fell off the wagon lol....endless circle really

    this time i feel different simply because i feel so ill and tired every day and i dont want to feel like this a day longer you know..

    sooo just keep telling yourself you will do it this time..remind yourself every day why your doing it......its hard to lose weight but its far harder to be overweight!

    tc and im happy to chat anytime im in here x
    (hoping to log in every morning and every night)
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