BMI drop!


OK, I know I'm still technically over weight but since starting the diet my BMI has dropped from 31 to 28 as of today and I feel so pleased that I just wanted to share. :)
Thanks guys.
My CDC is on hoiday for 2 weeks as of this weekend so I will be coming on here for support!
Thats fab! You are no longer obese, you are just a bit overweight!

Well done you!

:D :D :D :D :D :D
Fantastic noo, its such a great feeling to do that!!!!!!!
To demonstrate my point I am going to quote Diva from the 'So you want to be a CDC?' post

In order to become a CDC you will have to satisfy the basic criteria stipulated by CD Head Office which is:

  • A BMI of no more than 28
  • To have used the programme for a minimum of 2 weeks

Head office must be sufficiently impressed with a BMI of 28 to let people become CDCs. So well done girlie!!!! I think its brill that your BMI has changed that much. Mine is 39 at the moment so I can only hope to have one as low as yours! Dont play it down. Pat yourself on the back!!!