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S: 18st7lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 1st7lb(8.11%)
Did anyone watch GMTV this morning and listen to Dr Hilary about what he and others think about the BMI scale and what a load of nonsense they think it is and think it should be scrapped?

I for one have always wondered how they can judge everyone on an average because that is all it is. I have a friend who is super fit, no an ounce of fat on him but has a BMI of 30 and was told he is obese. He is heavy but not because of fat. They were saying people should be judged on measurements. If you are fit and healthy you are not going to have a tummy of 48".

Anyway some thoughts would be appreciated.
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I agree on the whole BMI thing. Think its a load of rubbish! Measurements and weight yeah....but height shouldnt come into the equation. And "ideal weights" for heihts is rubbish too,. To be my Ideal weiht i need to be at 9stone 5. My goal weight is 11 stone. I dont want to be skeletal thanks lol


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S: 18st7lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 1st7lb(8.11%)
Thanks Mandy, I agree, my goal weight is 11.5st which would make me look ridiculously thin so I have a goal of 12.5st with the ideal of putting on a few lbs and settling around 13 -13.5.
I reckon when i get to goal of 11stone i might try and lose another 7lbs or so for a little extra leeway. Id like half a stone or so to play with lol. But yeah if it was only as easy as numbers and figures eh....dosnt work like that. My sister is size 12, gorgeous figure, not one flabby bit in sight lol....she is overweight. Its a joke! xx


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S: 15st0lb C: 14st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st7lb(3.33%)
Absolutely right both of you. I wish I'd seen that but I over slept oops! My OH borders on obese on the BMI scale because he does body building and is all muscle. My goal weight is at the top end of healthy and to lose much more than that I would look gaunt. It doesn't take into consideration age either. When I got married 22 years ago I was 8.5 stone and I'm pretty sure I haven't got any taller! If I got down to that weight I would look dreadful.
S: 14st13lb C: 10st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 4st12lb(32.54%)
Totally agree, but just to be devils advocate (well someone has to! ;)) - if you don't use BMI as a marker then what DO you use? :confused:

My own opinion is that as long as I am aware that BMI is an "average" figure and don't focus on it to the exclusion of everything else then it's a useful tool to help me get to where I want to be.

The biggest problem I think is that people are not "average", they are individuals. There are many people for whom the BMI charts don't work, but there are also an awful lot who probably do fall within the "right" ranges when they are at a healthy weight for their height. So until someone comes up with a better idea I guess we are stuck with it?

Hey there's an idea! Maybe when I start my nutrition degree in 2011 I could do my thesis on why BMI doesn't work and see if I can invent a better sysem? :D I like the idea of a chart that incorporates body fat percentages myself but it's so damn difficult to measure..........


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S: 15st11lb C: 15st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well after haveing my first baby i was 10st 4 and i would get called fat it is because im 5ft 3 and when you are short being a stone over weight could make you look huge. I went up to 15st 8lbs im know 12st 8lbs i cant belive it i used to think when i was 10st i was huge .
There are pros and cons for the bmi im just not sure what else we can use ?

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