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Hi there

Just wondering if you have to have a minimum BMI to say you are obese, I am 29 BMI which means I am one away from being obese but still in the overweight category. This won't prevent me from going on the LT by the pharmacist will it?! I have posted this already but couldn't see the post come up ....

My boyfriend has told me that I'm stupid for doing this, it won't last, it's one of my fads and a total waste of money. Nice that he's soooo supportive eh?! Ah well, when I'm 4 stone lighter and looking hot he'll regret it then!!!

Also, is the CD a similar price to LT?

Ta in advance, I'm so excited to get started, you've all motivated me so much!!!!
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Hey there chica :) Some pharmacists will refuse to 'treat' someone who has a BMI lower than 30 but as you're at 29 I doubt you'll have a problem hun. Boyfriends have a weird way of showing that they care. Took me a while to realise (and be flat-out told) that mine was being an arse because he was worried about me and not because he was just totally against LT. However, if he doesn't start supporting you soon I'd say you want to have a word...

And yes, CD is a similar price to Lipotrim hun. Within a couple of pounds if I remember correctly.

Good luck darlin'! xx
LT is for ppl who have to lose 3 stone or more so you should be fine on it.

My older sister and my mam were the same as your boyfriend but my mam at least has changed her tune. she's amazed at the changed. my older sister is still against it but not a vehemently.
I was worried that LT would just be one of my "fads", I sincerely doubted I'd have the will power but ud be suprised how determined you can be when you're on it.And, when you have bad days and your determination wavers, you have everyone here to help :D First week is definitely the hardest, but it gets easier and at some point during the diet you'll hit a point where you're incredibly happy with the diet and wont wanna quit lol
Silver silph and rainbow brite (again!!) thanks for your replies. I really am so excited despite the negativity from the boy. I think its more the money thing, I should have lied and said it's only £20 or something!!! I hope so much that it works and more to the point that I can stick to it. I don't want my boyf to be proved right and that it is just one of my fads.

Do you find it difficult to stick to? I find it so hard to imagine that I will actually be able to stick to only having 3 shakes a day - I literally seem to be eating more or less constantly yet never really seem to notice (if that makes sense!!)

Does your boyfriend have a weight problem? I only ask because if he's never suffered with being overweight he will never be able to understand the anguish that we feel and the lengths that we will go to to 'fix' ourselves and lose the fat.

My first week was awful. I had a headache for 6 days solid etc and then I cheated and made myself feel even worse. However, after that I was on the wagon for good and the thought of how I felt when I did cheat made me never want to do it again. Unfortunately I was pulled off LT by my doctor almost 4 weeks ago now due to low blood pressure and am finding it very difficult to get back into it. However, just remember that the first week is the hardest and once you get past that you will be flying. It becomes habit hun and you honestly don't miss food after a few weeks. You still think about it and perhaps think 'mmm that looks scrummy' but the difference is that you won't feel like you have to have it.

When do you start? x
I dont find it too hard to stick too. I mean I have days when I'm unbelievably drawn to food and I just want to eat, but like rainbow bright, imagining what I'll feel like if I do cheat is a really good deterent. and of course the thoughts of how much better I'll be once I stick to it and finish it, reach my goal :D
You'll be ok and we'll all be here to support you :grouphugg:
My boyfriend does have a weight problem to be honest, but it doesn't really bother him that much. He just tells me that if I really need to lose weight then all i need to do is eat less and exercise more. Wow!!! What a genius! I'd never thought of that!! (sorry, but he really doesn't understand!). I'm prepared for the headaches, presumably you can take some paracetamol?! And I hope that you're right, and the feeling of having to have it goes away. I still can't figure out why I'm like that - I see food and is really like I have to have it, but in reality it's not as if it's not going to be there tomorrow or the day after and although sometimes it does taste good, feeling slim feels so much better (from what i remember!!). Yet here I am!
Not sure when I start, I'd like to do it right away. Have found a pharmacist near to work so will try and see them tomorrow, do they let you get started right away? I sooooo hope so!
PS Rainbow Brite - in response to the other thread - are some Pharmacists funny then? There are a couple around but some are a bit further than I'd like to of gone. Have people had bad experiences? Should I put some rocks in my shoes so I weigh a bit more?!
If you're wanting an immediate start once you get to the pharmacy you'll need to go to www.lipotrim.co.uk and watch the video online. Yes, it's really dull but does contain some very interesting and important information. You'll be asked if you've watched it when you get to the pharmacy so if you say no you'll put back your start until you have seen it.

Yes, you can still have paracetamol to fight off headaches etc whilst on the diet, so no probs there.

Men seem to have less of a problem with being overweight don't they?! My OH, though I don't see him as overweight at all to be honest, has a BMI of around 29 but doesn't seem fazed by it at all! How I wish I could be like that! Sort of! lol

It definitely does get easier after you've been on it for a few weeks doll, otherwise how do you think people have been on it for so long? ;) You'll do fine sweetie, just use this forum for support whenever you need it xx
The majority of pharmacies are completely fine but you always get one, don't you? :) I'd say you'd be fine, it was just in case you were especially worried about it that I'd say to consider second pharmacies. You could always phone them up and explain that your BMI is 29 and ask if they will accept you.
Thanks Rainbow Brite! Sounds like I'm going to be on here a lot then!!! And thanks so much for the advice, I'll go and watch the video in a bit. Best get some headphones so the boyf doesn't know what I'm up to! You're right, boys are funny about their weight, that it doesn't bother them, but they're strange ol' creatures in lots of ways i reckon! Right, I'm off to watch the video for a bit. Thanks again, I feel positive for the first time in ages. xx
You're welcome honey, that's what we're here for :) I'm glad you're feeling positive - here's to it continuing! Good luck babe! xx
Hi hun, I don't think you will have a problem with the pharmacist but you could wear heavy clothes just in case (only joking). If you aren't on any meds then the only thing that may delay you getting it straight away is there is a dvd you are supposed to watch first, usually for a returnable deposit they lend it to you.

It is good in that it explains how lipotrim works. If you want you could just watch it from the lipotrim website tonight. I can't do links but the official site is www.lipotrim.co.uk it is on their home page you just click on the video x
Of course another alternative is of course to have a nice weekend of lovely eating and drinking with your boyfriend which will keep him happy for a few weeks and may push your BMI to 30 then you will have no problem at the Pharmacy at all :D:D:D:D. The one thing my husband doesnt like about me doing it is that we can never go out for a nice meal or drink together so I did that before I started :D:D
Thanks ladies - I've now watched the video. They spared no expense on making it eh?! What's the difference between the Cambridge Diet and lipotrim? I don't know which would be better.....
There are two differences really. CD has more flavours which some people find better but others (like me) worry will lead them to binges as CD includes chocolate bars.

Also, on CD you get a CDC (Cambridge Diet Counsellor) who can help you with any issues you have, but us lot on LT use this forum as our 'counsellor' instead.

It's basically whatever you think would work best for you hun x
Ta lovely! I think that a counsellor is a good idea so there is someone to talk to.... and using this thread as well would be a bonus. I know what you mean about the binge thing though and would want to stick to just basic flavours so that I could try and kick the food obsession habit. OOoooo decisions decisions! Can I still come on here though even if I do the CD thing?! You're all so friendly!
Of course you can honey! And if you do decide to do one diet and realise it's not the right one for you you can always swap to the other! Make sure you let us know what you decide :)

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