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Can anyone tell me what a normal body fat% should be.... Before starting LL my body fat scales wouln't register my body fat (if over 50% my scale would only show FATE, i'm asuming this meant fatal?:eek: ). Within the first 2 weeks they showed 48.9% body fat now i'm down to 33.2%......What is a normal range? Does anyone know?

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Hi there, this was discussed yesterday as well...for a woman it's:

acceptable 25-30%
healthy 20-25
athlete 15-20

These are a bit general as opinions are divided even amongst experts about what a healthy body fat percentage should be, but it definitely shouldn't be below 10-13% for a woman.


Not dieting ATM!

Glad Kate was around with her knowledge and link for you.
I've been around 29-30% since being 22-23 BMI. It seemed high to me but I knew I hadn't been doing any exercise. I've just started the gym this week so I will be interested to see if it will reduce now even if I do not lose much more weight.

I didn't measure my bodyfat at the start I was too chicken even though I had the scales. You have done a really fab job with the weightloss and bodyfat %.

Dizzy x


hi guys

I have the tanita body fat% monitor scales but have just really used them for weight..not using to full potential. Without the instructions hub and i can not work out how to get body fat to display.....have got as far as putting my age/height into memory...

Can anyone help ....Im intrigued to know my % body fat.....:cool: