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Body Magic?????


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Okey dokey!

For Bronze you must do 45 mins spread over 3 session for 4 weeks.

For Silver its either 6x 15 minute sessions or 3x30 mins every week for 4 weeks

For Gold its 10x15 or 5x30 minute sessions for 8 weeks

Platinum is when you include exercise as a natural part of your lifestyle (presumably to gold standard plus)

Hope this helps! We have Fit logs to fill in, (are you going to class?) and we just say when we've made the grade. I fill mine in, but they don't check them, it's taken on trust. I'm getting my bronze and silver on Tuesday, our leader has really been pushing this over the last couple of months.


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Cheers judi, so in 4 weeks if i carry on with active i should be able to collect bronze and silver wooohoooo ill carry on then hahaha but how do you get the badge on ya awards on the sw website or dont they have them??


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omg guess what i just found in my slimmingworld pocket some fit sheets so im recording in that wooohooo lol


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I don't think they have them. I seem to remember someone bringing it up some months ago.
Ah I was wondering how it works too. I'll have to get some sheets when I go to class this week.


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Yeah, the website doesn;t have them...but they do seem to be on the 'pay online' site. I asked a poster nicely and she said I could have her bronze badge for my siggy (as I got a bronze a while ago at class.)
You get a sticker for your book and a certificate at class though.

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