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Body Optimise v going to class

I am looking at returning to slimming world but really dont enjoy the whole class thing, plus I dont really have the time to go every week anyway.

However I do enjoy collecting the cookbooks, food directory, syn free food books etc.

Has any one done body optimise, can you tell me if I would still be able to buy all of these things or is that something I would only get in class?

Also I am changing from a low carb diet to slimming world as I have lost 2 stone but found it just too restricitive, am I likely to put most of this back on before SW starts to work?

Thanks for any help/advise
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I'm using bodyoptimise and like you don't enjoy the class thing. Once you join there is a bookshop where you can buy the SW books. I took the cheapest membership that only gives access to the site no books are included but there is other memberships where the books are included I assume the ones you get when you start class. I've found the bodyoptimise site and this forum invaluable and with it feel no need to join a class.
As a bodyOptimise member you have access to the SW bookshop where you can order all the books that you are able to buy in class. (TBH though, I look through the bookshop, pick my choices, then see if they are on Amazon as they are usually cheaper and have free delivery!)

I do it on-line as I work away and don't particularly like classes- have done it for nearly 2 years now and love it. Others don't and prefer the more personalised and individual approach of the class, so I guess it's down to what you want to get for your money.

Good luck with whichever you decide xxxx
I'm starting to find class more hassle than its worth as I have to drag 2 little ones with me. The only thing that stops me quitting is I find getting on the scales at class more scary than at home.....almost like fear of what the scales say keeps me on track. Lately though I end up skipping if I dont think i'm going to like what I see - gaah!
Hi Lisaberry

I just dont enjoy the whole class experience, and like you sometimes just find the getting there too much hassle- although for me its not wanting to go out again after i have got home from work!

I have decided that body optimise is the way forward for me, at first i thought the £80 was a bit expensive but actually when you work out the cost of class and the magazines it seems worth it to me.

Have also decided I am going to weigh in weekly at Boots ( I work next door ) and keep the printout in my diary.

Whats keeping me on track is my Florida holiday at the end of Oct and i will get to target (if i lose 2lbs per week exactly) on the day I leave, so that doesnt leave me any weeks where i can afford to take it easy!!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do Lisaberry!
Ah ha - just found this on a search and I was wondering the exact same thing !!! I'm wondering if body optimise is worth it. I dont enjoy a class but there are some things about going to a class that I like (being able to access the website, being able to buy SW cookbooks etc). Does anyone have anything to add on bodyoptimise v class ???

Soon I will be moving jobs and there are going to be no SW class near me :( So I will have to move to an online membership. Can anyone tell me how much that will cost per week, month?

Thanks :)
Looking at the bodyoptimise website, it would be £20 per month, with a 3 month minimum subscription :)
Does anyone know if the website that you get with bodyoptimise subscription is the same as the one you have access to with the password from class ?
I'm also a body optimise member. To add to what has already been mentioned, you also get full access to the syns online database and the syn calculator which is a useful resource. The site also has lots of recipes, can generate a customised menu plan for you and provides all the hex lists as well of details of free / super free foods. When your initial subscribtion runs out you may well be offered a reduction in the price to renew - I think I paid £15 per month last time instead of £20 for instance. Hope that helps!
oh :( So its the same price as class?!?
Oh cool Beegee, thats not so bad at £15, was that going to be £15 for every month after the initial subscription or just for the first month afer the initial subscription ?
That was to add another 3 months from August to October and the cost was £15 per month (total £45). Don't know if they offer you a deal everytime you need to renew though ... guess I'll find out in October!
Ah ha - that would be good if they do offer it each time to keep you with them. One more question (sorry) do they take the money on a standing order or do they just let you know when its expiring and ask you to pay for the next lot ?

:thankyou: for your helpfulness !
I don't think there's an option for standing orders. I just pay on credit card, they sent me an email reminder that my membership was going to expire and gave me a link to renew it. It was very easy, but I guess it always is when they're taking your money!
Ok, yes I guess they are going to make it as easy as pie :) Thanks again for all your info x


Wishing and hoping!
I think the down side of body optimise is the social support/ postive pressure from the person speaking out your progress which can motivate you. I do it allow and I find it more hard work. I don't go to any SW groups locally as I can not stand the C and she does loads of them around where I live, such a pain!

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