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Body used to SW?

Do you think it's possible for SW to 'stop working' and for your body to stop losing weight as its used to the SW way of life?

Ive been doing SW for over two years now and it just doesnt seem to be working for me anymore. I gained another 1lb this week putting me 7lb heavier than my lowest weight I reached.

Just dont know how to lose weight anymore without maybe trying another diet :(

You get what I mean? Has anyone got any advice?

Thanks xx
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Ive tried this though hun. Ive tried all red, all green, mixing it up, drinking water, not drinking water, changing foods and healthy extra's etc but it still doesnt seem to be working :(
Sarah-Jayne said:
Ive tried this though hun. Ive tried all red, all green, mixing it up, drinking water, not drinking water, changing foods and healthy extra's etc but it still doesnt seem to be working :(
What does your consultant say about it?

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I dont go to class dont dont have anyone to ask apart from this forum.

Well, at my lowest I was 8st 12lb and now im 9st 5lb. I want to get back to 9st 0lb, so im roughly 5lb off my personal target.

Im not happy with my target weight, all my clothes i treated myself to when I got down to 9st and below dont fit me anymore and I refuse to buy bigger clothes (plus I cant afford it anyway!)
hmmm i dont know what really to suggest. Its hard i know when you are not losing any more weight. :(
How tall are you hun? I'm 5.7 & my target is 11 stone. I am guessing with a target of around 9 st you must be a fair bit shorter than me?

Other than exercising more & eating more superfree i can't think of any advice tbh
A girl in our group spent 4 years just outside target by 3 or 4 lb
Then last year she decided to go completely back to the beginning read all her books and start again as a new member
She lost every week and even went below target
Hope this inspires you to just give it your all till you get there

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Addicted to Cheese
Have you tried slightly smaller portion sizes?? And I meant slightly!! When I got near my original target it really slowed down but I realised I was eating the exact same quantities as I was 5st heavier!! My body didnt need all that food, when i recipe said one portion, I ate one portion and upped fruit if was still hungry. Its the only propper thing I can suggest and it did help me. I do think sw will work, we just need to find a way of making it lol good luck hun xx
truly believe in the red plan or try the Dukan plan for a week, awesome weight losses on that and they advocate a carb free Thursday forever...

Hi Sarah, Getting weight off with sw when your at target and have been following plan for a fair while can be really tough. It took me 6 months to try and loose half a stone when i wanted to get 7lbs under my original target weight, and the only thing that pushed me, in the end.. was drastically cutting my portion sizes, having said that my portion sizes are so big, my sizes may have just been 'normal' LOL .. reducing my fruit to only twice a day, and staving off cravings and snackyness with water. it was quite difficult the first week, as i was used to snacking of super/free foods as and when i wanted, but i ate what my body actually needed (somthing i couldnt keep up, after years of emotional eating) and i shifted 6lbs, 2.5lbs.. 2lbs.. and bam.. new target. Unfortunatly for me it was unmaintainable, but thats fine.. i was just as happy 1/2 a stone heavier and actually realised it wasnt for me.. but maybe its worth somthing to consider?

either that or- theres no shame in trying somthing new, it can be difficult to get your head round a new plan when your so used to sw, but sometimes that 'new member' frame of mind might be what you neeed? xx
Hey Ferny. Thanks for that. I will try cutting down the portion sizes, stick to red days etc. I dont eat a massive amount of fruit as I cant always afford to buy it so cutting that down might be a mission.

Wish me luck! Starting this new SW regieme thing on Sunday.

Cheers all xx

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