Boneless pork loin!


I will do this!!!


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Season and grill would be the easiest/quickest way! Pork is really nice with Season all, or just salt and pepper, but my personal favourite is to season pork with cajun spices! xxx

moo moo

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I put some chilli flakes on and grill them :)


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Yes i would season with salt and pepper and grill actually i had some of these a few weeks back when on atkins diet beautiful


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Pork and cajun spices yummm! You could also chop them up and put them in a stew with lots of veggies.


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Cut the fat off and cut the in to strips, marinade them in soy sauce, worcester sauce, garlic and honey and stir fry them or you can make BBQ sauce as well if you look at the SW sight, for virtually 0 syns!