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Boo_Boo_x's Diary

Wednesday 8th September.

Green Day
Breakfast - 2 bananas
Lunch - I was at college and stuck for lunch so I got a salad box from the canteen, it had lettuce, pasta, sweetcorn, celery, and I put on a tablespoon of coleslaw 5 1/2 syns
Dinner - SW Curry, Mushy peas, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, spring onions, spices and rice.
Pudding - Sliced banana, Chopped grapes, and mullerlight 1/2 syn

Thursday 9th September.

Green Day
Breakfast - 2 Slices nimble wholemeal bread (HE) Beans and 2 fried eggs in frylight.
Lunch - SW Quiche (Onions, mushrooms, pepper, carrots, broccoli, peas, cottage cheese, worcester sauce)
Snack - SW Crisps
Dinner - SW Quiche

Around 7-9 glasses of homemade wine :sigh: god knows how many syns.

Friday 10th September.

Green Day
Breakfast -2 slices nimble bread (HE) beans, SW Quiche.
Lunch - Batchelors beef rice
Dinner - Quorn bolognaise, left over beef rice, and SW Chips = Yummy!
Pudding - Banana, grapes and mullerlight

NO SYNS :cool:
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Saturday 11th September.

Green Day

Breakfast - 2 nimble toast, 1 extra light cheese triangle to spread 1/2 tin of beans, fried egg in frylight and a muller light.
Lunch - Stir fry made up of, onions, spring onions, mushrooms, yellow pepper, quorn beef strips, worcester sauce, bag of asda rainbow stir fry.
Dinner - Stir fry, salad, SW Chips. 1 tbsp asda real mayo (dont know the syn value though)
Muller light.

1 X WKD - 13 1/2 Syns
Sunday 12th September


Breakfast - 2 nimble bread, beans and 1 fried egg in fry light.
Lunch - Savoury Rice and cottage cheese.
Dinner - SW Friendly KFC, Cucumber sticks, cottage cheese... I attempted to make a rosti... Didn't turn out too good.
Muller light.

Monday 13th September
Green day

Breakfast - Muller Light, banana.
Lunch - Beef rice, pot of micro veg with a knob of butter in (??? syns)
Dinner - Stir fry made up of - Red onion, mushroom stir fry, 2 eggs, worcester sauce, 3 glamorgan meat free sausages (??? syns)
Muller light.

I felt like i ate loads today... Weigh in tomorrow :eek: Im nervous!!
Tuesday 14th September

Green Day

Breakfast - Muller light, banana
Lunch - Roasted vegetable cous cous with left over stir fry, 1 glamorgan meat free sausage. Muller light.
Dinner - We had curry and rice at weigh in

Walked 4.5 miles today :eek: I nearly passed out, but it was a compulsory part of my college course.

Weigh in today .... :sigh: - 1/2 lb. I was so disappointed, but the group really kept me positive, so here to a big loss next week!!
Becky your food diary looks great, I can't spot any problems so have faith that the weight loss will show next week.:) I wonder how many syns is in home made wine, I imagine a fair bit, so perhaps that's the only thing preventing a good loss last week. Don't worry about it though what's done is done and all you can do is your best this week.

I look forward to seeing a smile when you get on the scales on Tuesday.:D
Thankyou Laura!! I really do hope so, I am really trying on this weight loss plan, and still very determined, but I really don't know how I'd cope with another 1/2 lb loss.

Wednesday 15th September

Green day

Breakfast - Muller light
Lunch - Rice with fried mushroom, onion and eggs and splash of soy sauce
Dinner - Defrosted SW curry, rice and salad.

1/2 kinder bueno (6 syns)

Thursday 16th September

Green day

No breakfast, was running late for college.
Lunch - 2 fried eggs in fry light in 2 pieces of nimble bread (HEX) 1 extra light triangle.
Dinner - Homemade bolognaise using quorn mince, rice and salad.

Kinder bueno (12 syns), muller light, grapes and a banana
Friday 17th September

Green Day

Breakfast - 2 fried eggs in frylight, onions, mushrooms, 2 nimble bread, 1/2 tin of beans

Lunch - 2 ryvitas, 2 EL Triangles, cucumber.

No dinner... But about a million syns in alcohol :whoopass:probably why I come home and was sick!
Saturday 18th September

Green Day

Breakfast - I couldn't handle anything :jelous:

Lunch - 4 wholegrain ryvitas, 3 EL Triangles, cucumber, Muller light.

Dinner - Tomato pasta 'n' sauce, salad.

Muller light

I still have an hour to go at work, so may grab something small to eat when I get home, I'm ok atm, but know when I get home and the OH is offering me food I may feel a little hungry... :eek:

No syns so far :)
I got in from work last night and had 3 quorn sausages, and a small portion of quorn bolognaise and pasta. Also a kinder bueno (12 syns)

Sunday 19th September

Green Day

Brunch - Mushroom and red onion omelette, 2 nimble bread, half a tin of beans.
Dinner - Quorn bolognaise, pasta. They had take away at work and I had about half of a portion of soft noodle. (No meat) ??? Syns

Again I am at work for another few hours, may grab something later.

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