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Boob problem

Sorry ladies but I was wondering if anyone else suffers with the same problem as I have. Underneath my boobs where my bra sits has been soooo sore and inflamed for a couple of weeks I cann't wear a bra unless I go out of the house. I have tried putting talc and eumovate cream on it but it's not working. Today it almost looks like big blotchy blisters are comming up. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it is and more to the point how to get rid of it. I have had a bit of soreness in the past during the summer due to the heat but this year is unbearable. My knees are getting very bruised due to not wearing a bra round the house so they would be gratefull for a cure too lol.
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It def sounds like a sweat rash to me. Having rather large jugs myself, I can speak from experience. (is that too much information.?) lol
I would try Sudocreme. Is that eumovate cream.???


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I get this and i'm not ever so big in the boob dept! Mostly when it's hot and the wire has been digging in!! Is your bra underwired? Is it too tight and causing inflammation? Have you changed your washpowder?
could be many things but sounds like and allergic reaction or sweat/heat rash. See your doc if it doesn't clear up.
LOL thanks paul bet its hard being restrained.

Thank you ladies, I haven't changed anything I use but thats not to say the manufacturer hasn't meddled with their ingredients. I will see how it goes using eumovate etc and if not cleared up by next week go to the docs. Till then the knees with just have to suffer hee hee xx
Just a thought-it could be a thrush infection that looks just like a sweat rash. It could be worth getting some over the counter treatment for thrush-comes in the form of a powder much like talc, but also fights the thrush.


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Well done Paul.....

I swear by Lanacane Powder and Cream, they soon clear up a sweat rash, I always have these in my bathroom cabinet.


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Umm i dont get the sores, but i do get a sort of smell, and i can only describe it as yeasty! (god that sounds awful)
I only notice it when im really heavy (i have big boobs) ... when i lost 2 stone last yr it went completly! so not sure what causes it .... cos even though i lost weight my boobs stayed the same size!
Just a thought-it could be a thrush infection that looks just like a sweat rash. It could be worth getting some over the counter treatment for thrush-comes in the form of a powder much like talc, but also fights the thrush.
Yep this should do the trick, also don't wear a bra at night (if you do anyway) also have you changed your washing powder recently, that can cause a reaction too.
I work in health seen it a few times, and its a doc visit Im afraid, it could be bacterial or a fungal infection so over the counter medicine wont cure it just mask it for a while, regular washing then keeping the area dry will help but a prespription is your best bet thats if you can get a appointment!


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I got this a couple of years ago round my knicker line! :eek: in the hot weather. Theres a canesten/ hydrocortisone cream you can buy across the counter which will clear it up. I believe runners have an earthy phrase to describe it! If you perspire alot then in hot weather I tend to use solid stick deoderant to stop the sweat rash happening again.
Well as a leading expert in this area!!!!! ......

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.......heheheheheh (not really)

Ooooooh sounds painful !!!!

Phil x
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A lady I look after suffers with this and she is prescribed Canestan or dactakort cream. Once its cleared up you need to ensure you dry thoroughly after washing and apply the Lanacane powder as it is good as a preventative, but I think its not cheap.
Oh ..............and I think its hilarious the guys cant resist a thread titled 'boobs' !!
Would that be a bit of "Chaffing" perhaps. I get on my thighs when playing rugby in the winter.:eek::eek::eek:

I found a good old dollop of petroleum jelly did the trick, then a good hot shower after the game. ;)

Oh I have just read that your knees are getting briused OMG they must be HUGE!!!!! Bless there is a god ( heheheh)

Phil x
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my solution was drastic but oh my god was it worth it - I had a breast reduction in Oct 08 and it was the best thing I ever did :D

if that isn't your cup of tea I got antibiotic talc from the chemist which really helped, hope it gets better soon
I had this problem a few years ago but now I spray under my bust every day with deoderant and I've had no problem since. It also works under the tummy as well in case anyone is interested :eek:

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