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Last time I did LT I did lose from the boobs, but it was the last bit to go for me!! :)


Seeking thinner peace
I'm on day 17 of CD and I already need a smaller cup. I too should be smaller up top were it not for the weight.

There's a pretty long and interesting thread on this in the CD forum. Will see if I can raise for you.


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
I'm big boobed 2 [delighted last thurs when I went into Marks & Sparks & realised they do affordable, sexy bras for big cup women!!!] When I was on LT before... lost 3 stone & 2 cup sizes.
hey Yuna I didnt realise that M&S did bras for big boobs, I always have gone to special shops or web sites to get bras and they are always so much more expensive. Will check out M&S tomorrow :)
thanks for the response!! My bra was a bit loose so I tried on a up size smaller and a 36 instead of a 38 and it fit woo hooo I am soo pleased!! would love to go own another one as well that would be rocking xx

Deb G

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I've gone from 40E to 32C. I'm pleased.....hubby isn't!!!
Being a student I work in M&S over the summer and xmas as a trained bra fitter and have been doing so for the last 4 years!
Honestly, some of their bras are fab for bigger women. Either cup or back size.
They start at a 30A and go up to a 44G (soon to be a J i believe)
I would reccomend going there rather than a specialist bra shop that will charge a fortune just cos you are bigger! So pretty and affordable I get all mine from there!
Thats actaully how I heard about Lighter Life. I measure a lady who had gone from a 42 E to a 34C!!!!
Kellie x
Hi guys well I am hoping that i don't lose any weight off my boobs!! I was a B cup before having my daughter and putting my weight on and now am a C. I would love to stay a C and lose weight everywhere else! Obviously i will take what i can get to be honest but it would be nice lol xx
I went to Bravissimo in Glasgow and was MORTIFIED to be told I was a 38K and they didnt have anything big enough for me in the shop!! :eek::eek::eek:
Got some off the net as they were able to recommend some websites.....
When I lost 52lbs last year I went down to FF....
One of my so called friends loves to demonstrate how she can wear my bras like a hat - but I'm not worried coz I think its just because she has a PIN HEAD...!
Ideally I think I'd like to be a 36D....
I was a 40FF before I started losing weight and am now in a 34DD. I can`t believe the choice now.
Most shops used to sell an F cup but didnt` stock FF ?
I'm hoping to lose from my boobs - almost 3 weeks in and no change yet (but then, despite losing just over a stone it doesn't seem to have disappeared from anywhere! :eek: ) I'm a 42F at the moment but would love to be a 36C again! I was last this size when I was about 14 but my target weight is about what I was when I was 14 too so hopefully it might work! I had to buy a strapless bra for my works do at Christmas and it looked like industrial scaffolding!! :eek:
When I first lost weight on LT the first things to shrink were my boobs! Seriously, not my ass, tum, thighs, arms, oh no, it had to be the boobs! lol

I was about a D starting, the deflated to about a B.

I'm back up to a D again now - poss double D, hope they don't shrink as much as last time!

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