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Boogaloo's Stall Identification Thread.

OK I'm getting a bit fed up now, as I appear to be losing and gaining the same 2lb for the last few weeks.

I intend to post here exact details of what I've eaten, had to drink and what exercise I have done.

If anyone spots anything that could be causing my stall, please feel free to comment and let me know.

OK so day one starts here:

10st 2lb this morning.

Yesterday I ate:

B: Atkins Bar and a decaff with soya milk and 2 sweetners.

L: 1 cup of Cabbage bacon and
mushrooms with 2 debbie and andrews sausages.

Snack: 1 Tablespoon of cheese and onion sanwich filler (0.2g per 100g)

Dinner: 4 Pork Ribs, 1 cup of cabbage mushrooms and bacon.

4 Litres of water total.
1 hour of boxercise.
20 mins swimming.
50 min aqua aerobics.
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I dont buy into the doing a bit of cardio means I wont lose weight. The TV show "the biggest loser" is living proof of this.

They do anything up to 4 hours a day (yes a day) of exercise, including weights and none of those use the excuse of gaining muscle and they have great losses week on week.

Just to put this in perspective take a look at this photo. I'd like you to try and take a guess at what she weighs. She is around 5ft tall.


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Likes to eat.....
They gym has slowed me down in the past especially when I had less then 2 stone to loose BUT the inches never did. Maybe the bars are slowing you I dont know but i'd be very happy with 2lbs a week...sorry
Hmm, that was losing and GAINING the same 2lbs every week Jella.

I don't see a problem with what you've posted today except you are a cup short on veggies, you are also eating higher carb veggies

You can have two to three mugs per day of:

daikon radish
bok choi
pak choi
broad leaf endive
bell peppers
romaine lettuce
lambs lettuce

These salad vegetables are high in phytonutrients and provide a good source of fiber.

Other Vegetables:

You can have one mug per day of these veggies if salad does not exceed two mugs. The following vegetables are slightly higher in carbohydrate content than the salad vegetables:

artichoke hearts
swiss chard
bamboo shoots
spring greens
spring onion (scallions)
snow peas
bean sprouts
spaghetti squash
beet greens
hearts of palm
string or wax beans
brussels sprouts (Ugh!)
kohlrabi (German Turnip)
okra (ladies fingers)
water chestnuts
onion (in moderation)

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Hmm, this may sound strange but do you think you're eating quite enough, Boog? I mean if you are doing 2 and half hours exercise in a day, maybe some days your calories in aren't quite enough and you go into starvation mode?

In particular, I'd look at having a bigger and more substantial breakfast. I know some people really don't feel like it first thing (oo-er) but I used to be one of those people utnil Atkins trained me into eating a proper big brekkie every day, now I really enjoy them. It helps kick-start your metabolism, gets your engine up and running and using up fuel.

Also as Jella says the bars/sweetners/LC products can stall some people, maybe have a week or two of doing a 'pure' version of the diet and see what happens...
She looks like a man, that's not a good look!
I disagree to be honest claire. I find it an incredibly impressive look. Especially considering she is 100% natural (tested to the point of blood, urine and polygraph tests).

The point I was trying to make was she is 7 stone in that photo and fits in an age 11 trousers.

To achieve that look takes a hell of a lot of dedication, more than I have anyway!

Also she will have done crazy things with regards to her diet, tan and fluid intake for the 24-48 hours before the photo was taken. In a further 24 hours she will look nothing like what she does in the picture.
Thanks for your help guys, it always helps to have someone else critique your diet.

I am shocking at getting our of bed in the morning in time to prepare food and find the bars an easy fix, although I think I may have become too reliant upon them. Even though I am not their biggest fan as they were not included in the original Atkins and I very rarely used them last time round when I had much better results come WI day.

I dont think I'm going into starvation mode as I feel fine when exercising and afterward TBH.

I do love my cabbage, mushroom and bacon concoction though, but I'm fairly sure that I am staying within 20g of carbs even though they fall within the "higher" carb catagory.

I think I will cut out the bars and replace the cabbage concoction with a salad for a few meals.

Also on the brekkie front I think I will go back to having egg mayo and 2 bacon rashers which can be prepared the night before.
Agreeing with Claire here, I would sooner be flabby than look like her, it is GROSS! Sorry I have no solution though Boog, are you drinking enough water? Are you getting sloshed nightly?
Sorry Ive not got back to you guys sooner. Ive had a few days away. I very very rarely drink alcohol to be honest Anna and I've been making sure I do drink at least 3 litres of water a day. I have almost convinced myself that it must be the bars that are to blame to be honest.
Ive heard the bars does stall people. Also cheese , if you are eating a lot of it. Stop with the bars for a week and see if the scale moves after that.
The bars knock me out of ketosis.
Glad you found the guilty party anna :) the bars. Ive heard it does that to a lot of people
I'd already cut out citric acid, only drink water or very occasionally perfectly clear, strawberry and kiwi as that doesnt have any.

With the bars, I stay in Ketosis but the weight loss seems to stall, I've also cut right down on cheese. I very occasionally have a couple of slices of Haloumi or less that a teaspoon of crumbled stilton.
I do think it is going to be a case of going right back to basics and starting from scratch. No sugar free stuff, no cheese, no bars. Wish me luck. :)

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