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Can anyone recommend the best SW recipe book to buy? I dont know what to do. I normally have green days but I dont mind mixing it up sometimes....

Also, is it worth forking out to buy the 2010 book? (I dont go to group so where could I buy it?)

Thanks a lot
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we have one that is full of syn free dinners for red and green days. i think its a family one. its an older publication but there is a bit of everything in there, fish, meat, pasta, carbs, puddings and snacks


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If you were doing EE, I couldn't recommend the EE cookbook (£4.95) highly enough. It is brilliant!


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I agree with Mrs MrsMc. It's brilliant.
I am a sucker for SW cook books and since I first joined 7 years ago I buy almost every new one I see.... These are some of the ones that I have and are also on the SW site and they are all good!