Booooo, im disheartened that i only lost a pound!


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Anyone else struggle when you only loose a pound? I found the cravings really hard last week and didn't give in, but that makes the small loss doubly hard.... Arg

I'm wondering if I'm not drinking enough, I'm not a water person and I've realised on some days, that I'd actually only had my morning cup if decaf tea and nothing else.

Pep talk needed please! ;@)
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Better a pound off than on. Think how much more disheartening it would be if you'd gained a pound!

And yes, you shoud be drinking a lot more than you are. Doesn't have to be water...more cups of tea is fine, or sugar free squash...anything that helps get more fluid into you.

Good luck for this week :)

Well done on resisting the cravings. keep it up and you may find that you have a bigger loss next week...sometimes your body takes a while to catch up.


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I'm losing a pound a week on weightwatchers and have been frustrated but it's starting to add up now so keep reminding myself that by summer it will be a significant loss! Chin up! x


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a pound off is a pound off! as said they all add up eventually. Keep it up you'll be fine! x


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Maybe when you crave something, drink a glass of water, that way you get your fluid and keep your cravings in check! I get disheartened sometimes, but its all adding up now :) You will get there!

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I was struggling drinking water for 2 days now. I think it was because the water I was drinking from the tap was freezing cold and I was getting stomach cramps.

I leave the water to rest now and get it to room temperature before drinking it, and its much easier to get it down now.


S: 15st10lb C: 13st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 2st0lb(12.73%)
Thanks guys, im hoping this week will have better results. Yes you are all correct, a pound off is at least heading in the right direction! by the summer I should feel and look alot better!