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Only lost 2lbs again this week :(. I know 2lbs is good, and I've lost every week that I've been doing this diet, but I'm still waiting for one of those 5lbs/6lbs losses that you lot keep pulling week in week out.

I still love this diet though and am not disheartened at all. I measured my waist this morning and I've gone down from 39" to 32.5" :D

This week I'm going to up my water intake by a litre a day and I'm also back to walking to and from school to pick the little one up, so hopefully that'll make a difference for next weeks weigh in. Fingers crossed :D
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Well done Lou !

2lb is still a loss!

Keep up the good work.
Look at your total loss. It is a stone a month isnt it? that i what LT promise. So you should try not to set your heart to unrealistic goals... Easier said then done !!!! Kepp going , you are doing great!


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I keep waiting for one of those 'biggies' too but probably unrealistic as has been said! Lol!

You're doing great! x
One day a big loss will be yours woman -just hang in there like you're doing, and maybe with the extra activity and water this week you'll have it soon!!!

Well done!


Here we go again!
Lou, don't be disappointed with 2lbs of fat gone, I lost the same this week and I usually lose 4lbs. I'm happy with 2lbs at this stage of the diet. Keep going cos you are doing great.


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Thanks guys, I don't feel too bad, honest. I put on a pair of old combat trousers earlier that I haven't been able to get into for about 5 years, not only did they fit me perfectly but I found a £10 note in one of the pockets!!!!

I feel thin today and it feels really good :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D



One last chance
I get dissapointed with the 1-2lb loss myself but it's better than gaining though. I'm wating for the bigger losses myself, haven't had them in weeks.

Well done though, keep it up :)


I will be skinny again!!!
well done chick! you are doing brilliantly keep it up :) xx


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yeh try not 2 worry 2lb after 2lb loss will mount up over the weeks so its all good


maintaining since June'09
I hope you're going to use that tenner to get yourself something nice!! x


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well done lou - you've done brilliantly. I always think inches are a better indicator than lbs anyway. And isn't it the best feeling getting into old clothes that didn't fit before?!
The inches speak for themselves.......yeah, we would ALL love to lose 25 lbs in 2 weeks like Chefjustin :grumble: But we are all different and as long as we are shrinking, it should always be good news!