Boots for bigger calves


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Hi, I find Evans wider fitting boots are a great fit too, and not as expensive - especially in the sales, they were reduced to £30 in my local Evans!


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I agree Ajax...Evans is fab for boots (sorry DQ but I had to mention it!!! ;)).....Also have a pair of Duo ones as well which I've had for ages, worn till death, and are still going strong so were definitely worth the money!


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Duo Boots are fantastic.. I bought my boots 2 years ago from there.. they fit perfectly.. of course they're too damn big now and i need new ones ... but they were really really excellent!


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I ordered boots from the Littlewoods catalogue last year in the wide fitting, they are stretchy and so have some extra tolerance.

The only thing is that I did CD over summer and now the end up round my ankles!

Don't spend too much - they may not fit next winter:)


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Fashion World / Ambrose Wilson catalogue do wide fitting boots in 3 extra wide top fittings and they were the cheapest I could find to fit my calfs. Think I paid about £29 for leather boots. Of course they are a bit big now !


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Duo boots are fantastic. They do cost a lot but you can usually find a bargain in their sales if you're quick. Plus, they last forever. I wear mine every day, all winter and the last pair lasted 3 years! My current pair wont be worn next year though - they'll be too bit:D Boots sell well on ebay if they're a good brand like Duo.