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Hi, newbie here.

Just found this site by doing a google search for weight-loss forums and this one seemed to me to be the best, so here I am.

I am 27 years old, at 6'1 and currently weighing in at 18 stone 3 pounds. My target weight is a healthy 12 stone.

My weight has fluctuated over the years, but since coming out of employment due to personal problems almost three years ago, my body has seen a steady increase to what it is now.

To be honest, I have been living in ignorance for too long and now is the time to change... I am aiming to turn my life round in a big way and I finally feel the time is right. I started my weight loss just over a week ago and have lost 9Ibs :)

I am trying to achieve my aim via two methods: eating smaller portions of my meals and getting some (dagnammit) exercise! Also I have curbed the lateness of my main meal so that I am not eating past 7pm.

I am not a great 'snacker' so this will not be a problem for me, although I do have celery sticks on stand-by (which thankfully I love to eat anyway :D ). I have cut out a couple of things from my diet (mainly coke and cheese) and switched to healthier alternatives of others.

Phew... that's about it I think. I hope to get involved with the community here and take inspiration from many of your success stories, so hello everyone :)
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Hello and welcome Mr Wombat :D
Thankyou DQ :)

I forgot to mention that I have started to eat breakfast now too, which I understand actually helps toward weight-loss as it activates the metabolism? I am a bit of a dietry novice, is this true?
Hi, I'm new as well and finding my feet!

I read earlier about drinking loads of water to help the loss - the suggestion was 5ooml every 90mins between 8am and 8pm.
Hi loveydove, thanks for the welcome.

Yeah, water rules :D although I have never had a problem with the amount of fluids I drink.

Does it make a massive difference though if you drink orange squash (sugar free of course :) )? Or should I really be knocking back 100% pure tapolina?
I get a bit confused re the water thing - I read once that ALL fluids count ie tea, squash etc. Then I saw that it should be just plain water. I've managed 2.5 litres today so far in addition to tea just to be sure!!

I saw that you have a diary - did you just start that like a new thread or is there a process to go through? I think I might start one too.
I just started a new post in the diary section, and waited for a moderator/admin to approve it (which didn't take long as Mini approved it very quickly).

I'll see if i can find out about the squash/water thing (unless someone in the know can clear that up for us?).

I'm already learning from other posts here that doing daily weigh-ins is a bad idea, so I'm gonna make Thursday my weigh-in day.
Mine is Friday night but I must admit I'm jumping on there every night at the moment!

I will go and start a diary now.

See you later


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thats the same way i found the forum. typed in weight loss forum to find people to talk to about it... and found the best people out there!! :p Cha Chinggg
Welcome to Minimins :)

Youll find that drinking a lot of water doesnt actually make you lose more weight, particularly if youre not on a VLCD. There seems to be a common misconception that the more you drink the more weight you lose but there are some interesting threads around with the real facts etc, Ill try find one :)

If youre not on a VLCD drinking sugar free squash is just as good as drinking water :)


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Welcome to our community Mr Wombat :D

Looks like you are finding your way around and making great friends already!

Best Wishes,

Lacey..xx :)