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Bored bored bored


Restart 3/9/2013
So so so bored. I have pre-holidayitis. Off in 3 weeks (so cant afford to spend any money), it is sunny outside but blowing a hoolie and not so warm, I want to go out but I dont know where (somewhere that doesnt involve spending much money, that isnt too far away, that is suitable for a nearly 1 year old, and that wont cause futher frustration to my current day 2 SS carb-withdrawl bad mood).

Bored bored broed bored bored
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Restart 3/9/2013
Sorry I'm doing so many things at once today I'm just not with it!:brainfart:
I'm on here, I'm taking piccys and putting stuff on ebay and I'm trying to get some housework done all at the same time, think I need to pick one thing and stick to it!
Forgive me hun???


Restart 3/9/2013
Its Ok Kel - neither of the pics I have on there are her girliest - she is normally dressed head to toe in pink so I shall let you off (just this one mind!).

Does anyone ever use the chat facility on this forum? I found it the other day but no one was there...


getting slimmer
whats the chat forum?
maria xx


please try again
its because no one ever seems to be there that i dont use it, lol

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