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Bored of worrying!

Why can't I just say NO!!! When we go out after a meal to a friends and they have snacks ... I eat. OH just says no when he is full and eats some if he is not. If it is front of me, I just eat! Grr

I do all the right things. Fill up on free food first, take a peppermint tea for me to sip, save my syns, to use, take carrot sticks... But when it comes down to it I would love to be able to just say no, without counting out my megre portion of crisps or frantically eating carrot. Sigh

We go out 2 or 3 times a week where there is beer/ wine/ snacks. I do better than I used to: I eat less, often avoid the alcohol but I still spend the day trying to reign in my food so that I limit the damage in the evening. I would just love to say no and not be drooling! Lol

Anyone else wish this? Or have tips I haven't tried? Maybe i do need to try sheer will power and have more faith in myself that I can do it!!
I shall try to not have a chocolate macaroon tonight. I will try, not promising anything though!!l. Lol

Sorry for my mini rant.... X
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We go out 2 or 3 times a week where there is beer/ wine/ snacks. I do better than I used to

Stop that worrying just look at what you've wrote ^^^^^^ you deserve a big pat on the back.

Sometimes I say no when I really want to say yes, but what helps is saying no like I mean it, nobody asks me again.

Try to stop worrying & remember how far you've come & how well you are doing.;)


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I can't give you any advice, as i am like you - most of the time i just eat it and then go back on plan the next day. I certainly don't go out as much as you though - i think it would be impossible for me!

I actually am trying the saving syns thing this week as a tester for a a hen do in a few weeks. I want to see if i can cope having less syns the rest if the week & have about 50 on a saturday night. So far, so good - i'll be interested to see what happens at weigh in on tuesday.

I think it basically comes down to - its all tastes really nice so you don't want to say no - and if you're anything like me you don't like telling yourself you can only have a bit.
Wow that must be hard, I couldn't manage to go out 3 nights a week and stay on plan. I do let myself have a pigout once a week though, usually Saturday. Let myself drink whatever I like and eat something really nice and a bit naughty, although I dont totally pig out if Im also drinking a lot. Maybe pizza or takeaway curry but not not all the trimmings as well.

Maybe you could, say, limit it to going out just 2 nights a week instead of 3 and allow yourself to have what you want on one of them but reign yourself in on the other? I dont know if it would work cos we're all different but I think that's what I'd do. I dont really think its possible to go out 3 nights a week on SW.
Also, carrot sticks sound a pretty boring alternative snack to be fair! :D Couldnt you make something snack-y but nice, like free or low-syn falafels, free hummus, free BBQ's chicken strips or wedges, spicy coated chickpeas or whatever? There's loads of things you could have as snacks that are way better tastier carrot but not as bad as crisps and peanuts. Also I find the time spent making/cooking them takes my mind off eating!

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