Boredom eating


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Hey Guys, it's been a while since I have been on and would like some advice.

I haven't been "dieting" for a while - simply out of not bothering (tsk) but now my son is going to nursery I am walking 2 miles everyday and want to get back into the swing of things.

I can plan and eat healthy problem is boredom eating and snacking.

I know I am not hungry, I know I do not need the chocolate biscuit (or whatever it may be) but I get bored...particularly in an evening and eat and eat and eat!

Sometimes even if I am occupied doing something I still feel the need to eat at the same time!

Rarr I annoy myself I really do. :(
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haha you sound just like me :giggle:

I do 1 of 2 things...

1 - Go to the gym...even if i eat when i get back i dont feel so bad :D

2 - Go to cant eat when your asleep :D



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Hi Katrina, I totally sympathise with you hun! Good that you now have some time on your hands. How old is your son may I ask? I have a ten month old who is still with me all day (for selfish reasons) and it can get real tough not to pick at comfort foods, because there are some real stressed out moments with kids!

Boredom is a terrible contributor to extra mouth activity lol.. Hey why don't you hang out here with us instead? :) xx

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Oh I hear you! I eat in boredom and from my current size I must be permenatly bored:rolleyes: but then I eat when I am stressed,happy etc etc

Trick is to plan your day, and if you feel that you are going to give into temptation, take yourself for a walk, brush your teeth, have a shower anything to take your mind off the thought of eating.


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Gah, totally guilty of boredom eating. Now, if I feel like I'm going to give in to temptation, I have something to drink instead - usually low-cal hot chocolate; it takes a while to drink, and gives me a sugar fix.
prepare maybe with healthy nibbles in the fridge, i have grated carrot, pickled onions my ultimate fav !!! prawns, or sea food sticks, these are all nice low fat nibbles i love them !

liz x