Anyone getting bored of the flavours?

I know CD has got the best selection of flavours BUT, in all honesty, I don't like the hot stuff. (ie soups)

I love the shakes mixed with crushed ice for a "real milkshake" feel... But that's it! ( I like chocolate hot with P-husks, but I'm getting bored of that too!)

Last night (Day 44) I am really craving different flavours. The good thing is, the cravings are purely for healthy food. (The thought of cougette slices on the griddle pan... MMMmmmmmm....)

I have "iced-shake" for brekkie, a tetrabrick for lunch, chocolate "porridge" with P-husks for dinner. During the day I also nibble on a bar. (I'm allowed 4 because I am over 5.8ft)

Even the bars which felt like a yummy naughty treat has started to taste boring!

(I've tried making the various "truffles" etc...)

any ideas or words of encouragement?

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You are not alone. From all the flavours of the bars I've gone down to just liking the peanut bars and now even that does nothing for me. It is more of a struggle.

The vanilla and banana shakes still taste quite nice if I have then warm. The only thing that keeps me now is making the crisps and biscuits. Have you tried that?


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I think after a while you just have to look on the packs as "medicine" and just have them regardless of whether you like them or not.