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Bottled V's Tap

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interesting -i usually just buy a bottle when I'm out and refill it at home. I know that you're not really meant to but a refilled bottle of water is always going to be better than a bottle or glass of coke!
I always refill, why are you not supposed to??
I prefer my tap water too!!!...I sometimes find the bottled stuff has too much of a metal test...lol:)
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I refill bottles all the time and keep them chilled in the fridge so I always have a cold one ready. I had heard you shouldn't refill bottles but it is so much cheaper than keep buying bottled water!

I always refill my bottles of water and it hasnt done me any harm plus there is always a supply of refilled bottles of water in my fridge especially since the local council have decided to turn our water supply off at 9 at night and not turn it on again until 7.30 in the morn can you imagine that they say it is due to a low water supply which is ironic since it has been the wettest summer ever. So refills all the way for me


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All bottled water carries a label which says "Do not refill". However all the companies make bottles that the lids come off and duhh let me think who would benefit if we didn't refill but continued to buy more bottles.

My soap box is why doesn't someone create a stylish bottle that is designed for carrying water but doesn't look like you've nicked the kids one. I re-use bottles til they go manky then start again.

Anyone know anything about this PH7 and above for water ??


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i refill my bottle until it breaks then buy a new one... i'm ok with the taste of bottled water, but some of them don't really taste of anything, not even water and they taste 'thick' - that probably makes no sense.
i love tap water though, especially after it's been in the fridge for a while - mmm


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I always refill my Bottle also, The only time I bought bottled water was in Somerset when I went Butlins, I could not drink there tap water (Yuk) Nothing like Manchester water..It is So lovely :D (Honest it is)


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The only bottled water I buy is of the fizzy variety!

I never, ever liked carbonated water before LT- but now I am totally addicted. I buy 1.5l bottles from Lidl at 25p a go and then of course recycle the bottles by either using them to refill with tap water or in the recycling bin.

I too refill normal water bottles at work as we have a constant supply from a water cooling machine. I read on the side of one bottle that you can't use them to refill as the company had the rights to the design of the bottle! (volvic I think)
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i buy a ltr bottle drink it and refill several times till it gets manky then replace it we have a lovely cool water machine at work so no excuse not to drink the wonderful fat busting liquid LOL!!

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only bottled water for me, anywhere.. i live in an area where there have been recent chryptosporidium and lead contamination... dont trust the water anywhere really.. though being on lipotrim its gonna be spendy xxx


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The water here in London looks yuck and tastes funny too over the past few years, it used to taste good, but now it doesn't. I buy bottles of water, and when they're finished, I boil tap water and wait for it to cool, then I stick it in the fridge and have it the next day.

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