Bought a second hand Size 12 suit!

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:) I am 86 days into my LL journey and whilst its had its ups and downs - today for me is definitely a good one.

I went to a second-hand clothes shop and tried on a size 12 suit and it fit! Well its a bit snug on my bum and thighs but its a size 12! I can't believe how only 14 weeks ago I was resigned to being a size 18/20 for the rest of my life!

I am 5'4'' and eleven and half stone. I have still got a stone and a half to go and I am determined to get there.

I am going to stick to SSing until I reach my goal and then plan 12 weeks maintainance. To be honest I'm dreading that bit - it seems like a black art and I know I am definitely not cured. I dont know anything about maintianance on LL - it seems like a top secret - maybe its because its not good to talk about about food whilst abstaining?

Size 12 though! - I have a definite smile on my face and feel I am really going to get there. Thank you to everyone here for their support over the last few weeks - its a big emotional roller-coaster this weight loss lark isn't it? I think I will just enjoy and share the high whilst its there.
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I'm over the moon for you Cakey :) (and just a wee bit jealous!)

I can't wait to get into a size 12 - I still find it hard to believe I ever will but you've given me inspiration to keep going.

Why not post a piccie of you in the suit? I'd love to see it.


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Aahhh, I DO love a bit of good news Cake'n'eatit! What colour is the suit? Is it a designer name? Does it show off your new curvy body?

That'll be me in a few weeks time, you better believe it.

Meeting tonight - another 4lbs off. Getting there ...


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Hey that's great news and i bet it was a bargain too, even better?

It will be the perfect fit in no time, then when it's too bit no worries back to the charity shop it can go!

You will feel fab again not only because of your weight loss achievement but because you have donated to charity. Three cheers for charity shops and three cheers for VLCD's.

Dizzy x


Not dieting ATM!
Yes Cakey

I know what you mean about the rollercoaster. I have been up and down since Christmas emotionally (and sadly the scales too!)

Dizzy x


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Congratulations! It's such a huge milestone isnt it???!!!

I also went shopping today and got some size 12 tops (yay), and bought a beautiful gown from Monsoon in a 12 that doesnt fit yet... and I'm not stopping until it does :) My thighs and ass are always bigger proportionally than my top half, so that'll be the last to reach a 12... but starting to fit into that size feels SO good doesnt it!

Like you're "normal" now... you're in the middle of the numbers at a "normal" shop... god what a relief!

Cake'n'eat it

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Thanks everyone. Looking at the photos on the nightworkers Forum for me has played a big part in keeping me going. I should get my photos next week and will post them. Its knowing that it is possible and that others have done it that keeps me going.

Deep breath now for the next bit. I know that getting back onto food is going to be a major challenge.

I was just looking at all our losses and I recockon there's close to 300lbs between us - its staggering isn't. Russian Doll - you have done so well. I love your name and I'm sure you will get the real you that you want - just think by the summer we should all be well on the way to lying by the pool , drinking champagne and feeling good - I can't wait!

I remember last year lying by the pool, drinking wine, eating pretzels and not wanted to get up without being covered by a full length sarong - never again!


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Brilliant - well done to you.

Can't wait to see the photos. And be proud!!


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What a wonderful feeling Cake, well done, you are so nearly there. From the look of your ticker, it will be a size 10 next!!!!