Bought some clothes off ebay.....


And I'm really surprised!!

I bought a size 12 bundle and a 10/12 bundle. One is new one is used. I bought them thinking they probably wouldn't fit immediately but would fit soon. I did know that my recently acquired 14's were a little loose but I didn't think they were loose enough to be a 12.

Well, I now have a pair of jeans,a pair of trousers and a few tops all in 12 that fit! There are also some 10's that I think will fit within another stone so I am really really pleased!

Also, its true we should try all sorts of stuff on to see what suits us, as in the bundle was a long length jacket (probs meant to be knee length but just below on me. Before I never considered those as I am short and thought they would make me look short..... its not true! Its a lovely Jacket by Next, size 10, tan cord, fitted at the waist and it looks lovely! If anything it makes me look taller! Its still too tight to wear at the moment but it won't be long!

I'm so happy today all because of ebay tee hee.

Oh and all in I spent about £35 but I really think I got good value for that. Theres 1x jeans, 1x trousers, 2 jackets and quite a few tops.

and also quite a few items that I'll be adding to my charity shop bag...... I don't suppose we will ever like everything we get in a random bundle!

It was partly on your advice that I bothered to buy something DQ, so thankyou!

Its definately lifted my spirits!

Thats fab Mags! Get you in your size 12s!!

I have bought some stuff off ebay as well, and for the best part am quite pleased with it.....just need to get my ass in gear now so I can get some more!!

When were losing weight so quickly its just a waste buying normal priced clothes!!
I'm really lucky in a way because I don't need to bother for work, which has probably saved me a small fortune! I just have to order them, but I did need to contact my manager in December to warn him as they get info on everything we order and I know I will be over budget for clothes, but hey ho he didn't mind thankfully.

The unfortunate thing (or fortunate depending on which viewpoint) the ones I picked up.... on the 7th of December... I am already having to fold up at the waist to keep them up. They are 14's (I think they make them quite big though) but I think I will try and get by until I am finished now and order for my final size then.

Thankfully my boss is quite reasonable and supportive.

Its just as well lol!

Fantastic Mags! Can't wait til I can do the same. Keep up the good work and size 10 will soon be here.