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Bowel issues


Slow but sure....
I suffered the same when I first started the diet especially when I was doing green days - my 'gut' eventually settled down and everything is working OK now. You will find it will get easier as you go along, but there are various things you could try to help you, like wind ease tablet's, and maybe a mild laxative if you are suffering constipation, and remember to drink plenty of water, good luck with it. X
It is a good idea to drink plenty, as Donnie said.

But other than that I have no suggestions, just a great deal of empathy, as I too am about to get my own page in the Guinness Book Of F4rting.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Just to say that the vegetable biryani from the curry feast book , (which was delish) has had the desired effect! :eek: and there's enough for a pack up tomorrow.
Not really about the same, although I do wish that I could drink more water.

I eat alot of homemade lentil soup thou :p


shrinking granny
Don't pee much though despite drinking loads.
Do you eat many tomatoes?
I was told not to eat after 6pm if possible but to eat a couple of tomatoes.

Now you do spend the evening piddling but, it does help getting rid of water.
It has had the desired effect, my ankles are not as swollen:)

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