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Green Days Bowl of mushy peas = GENIUS!


Nojo on the YoYo
So yeah, fannying around with recipes may be all well and good, blah blah blah yeah I will post my wholewheat noodles with ginger and spring onions recipe later, but you know what I had this week when I had the munchies? Bowl of mushy peas. Like a bowl of thick soup it was, filled me right up. Result!

Sorry, randomness.

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Love it!!! :) MUSHY PEA'S ROCK! :D


Nojo on the YoYo
They do indeed. I normally have them with SW chips and Fry Light eggs, but this aft I just needed a bowl of something quick. Quicker than pasta n sauce!

I also use them in my Halloween Swampy Soup with Witches Scabs (er, bits of crisped up bacon, ha ha!)
mushy peas and baked beans are staple now in my cupboards infact i just had an egg with beans as a snack!! u see there is a reason my hubby calls me the carbon footprint!


Never gets tired of SW!
Yup, I'm a fellow fan of Les petits pois muchee!!! I went to Mecca Bingo with some friends the other week and they do the best mushy peas, which is a good job because there's nothing else healthy there!! So along to the tills I went with my double portion in a bowl and all the ladies in the queue were giving me odd looks and one asked my friend if I was pregnant!!!XXX


Nojo on the YoYo
I get them from our staff canteen on Fridays - they do fish and chip Friday - I just get the peas in a soup cup!
I seem to be drawn to all the unsexy food. I love mushy peas, overcooked baked beans, pickled onions, beetroot, gherkins. It makes my husband wince and I know it isn't attractive, but goddamn it those smelly foods are FIT


loves food and cooking
Heat one can mushy peas. Fill the now empty tin with either hot water or better, add a stock cube. Stir.

Soup - big bowl :D


slow but steady!
arghhh i hate peas and so mushy peas just freak me out!!

but good to see you back vixxster not seen you about in ages where have you been hiding?!



Nojo on the YoYo
I've been... hiding! :p Nah, I've just been working a lot, when I was here all the time was when I didn't have a job and whatnot, now I'm into my job and getting to grips with the shift patterns I'm back to normal and getting my tinterweb time in!

How are you getting on matey? x


slow but steady!
ah i see, yeh work has a habit of being rather inconvenient and taking up valuable time! rude of it!

i am good chicka plodding on, trying to look for a new job but theres nowt sadly. on the plus side i did get a sexy black wii yesterday :) alas spent my money on it then realised i have no money to buy games!

got just dance with it and got a day off today and noones at home so i can prance around to my hearts content woo!

nice to see you back you need to come invent some more majestic things like your HEB pizza! :)



Nojo on the YoYo
Hahahaha I 'invented' syn free Indian curry recently. And Wagas-at-home syn free wholewheat ginger chicken noodles.

And tonight we are having chili con carne jacket skins with low fat soured cream and I am trying to calculate the syns of the easter eggs I have left so that I can do something low/medium syn with them that you can share around so you don't eat them all yourself.

But my cameraphone went in the washing machine :-( because I am an epic failure and left it in the pocket of my dressing gown.

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