Boxing Day Start...


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Well, I've done the excess of Christmas day and my bumper pack arrived on Thursday so I have no excuses.

I am a little nervous that this is more money down the drain. I dread to think the amount that I've spent of weightloss over the years.

I get married in May and am determined to feel happy in my dress and wedding photos.
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I've started today too. I can't complain as most of my days feel like a Christmas day, hence why I need to lose all this weight. I did it 3 years ago with Liprotrim and Cambridge, but i like the way Exante is non invasive.
Good luck with your diet and i totally understand about the costs and again im hopeful that its NOT just another waste of money on dieting! You do however have a great goal and inspiration in your wedding and that should get you through.




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Good luck to both of you. Starting on Boxing day is great, you can have the first stone and more off by end of January.

Well done. GSQ


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Hi all, I've started today. Like Jack, every day for the last couple of years has been like Christmas. I've spent so much money on food and alcohol, I'm amazed I still have money left. I am doing the Three Peaks Challenge in June and am determined to get in shape and look fabulous when I get to the top of each peak. Maybe we can keep each other on track as I know sometimes I need a boot up the bum.


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Started today. Feeling very optimistic.
Good luck to all :)


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Hi everyone, i started on Stephens day (Boxing Day) too. Day 3 now and going well, 4 lbs down this monrding :) I did stupidly stuff 2 (ok 4) cocktail sausages into my mouth earlier when giving the kids their lunch. Felt such an idiot for doin it. Anyone else feeling better in the mornings on this diet, im feeling like im sleeping better and waking up rested and not having to haul myself outs bed.

I read somewhere that Coke Zero is OK on this diet too, delighted with that.

Best of luck to us all and looking forward to sharing our great losses in the coming weeks!!!


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Good luck to you all.
Mamior, were did you hear about the Coke Zero. That sounds interesting.:D


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S: 17st2lb C: 13st8lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 3st8lb(20.83%)
I'm on day 4 and although have stuck to TS 100% there have certainly been times I thought I'd cave in or keel over!

I heard about Coke Zero too, apparently Sainsbury's diet coke is okay too. There's a sticky thread about what you can drink on the minimins exante page.


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Just a wee reminder NO food references allowed in the 100% section

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Good luck - Im joining ye on Monday, looking forward to it