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Boyfriend on SW with me..... HELP!!


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Hello Everyone!

I have put my boyfriend on SW and he is doing EE days. I plan his meals for him but he doesnt like eggs or salad so I give him pasta n sauces and rice for his lunch and always mix in some SF vegs. I have different meals to him as I do red days in the week.

Why does he have to be so awkward and not like Eggs and Salad. Does anyone else have an awkward OH and have to make different meals them??
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My adult son is doing SW and he is terrible. He doesn't eat fruit, except strawberries & raspberries & even then he'll only pick at a couple. He doesn't like fish, mushrooms or salad.

On college days he has green days. Cereal for brekkie, cheese sandwich for lunch & something like Quorn sausages, pasta or quiche for dinner. He also likes tinned ravioli (many of hem are low syn on green) & will live on that if I let him!


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Mine eats what I cook, and if he doesn't like it... Then he knows what he can do:8855:

But seriously, there are some things that I love that he's not so crazy about, but he just makes his own tea if I'm having something he doesn't want, either that or he'll eat with the kids.

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There are 2 different types of meals being cooked at my house. I do mine and Daughter's..Hubby decides what he wants and mostly cooks for himself.
Daughter tends to eat SW meals with me, although she is only 4 and does not need to diet!...she just prefers the meals.
Hubby doesnt eat fish, fruit, veg or anything remotely healthy, so he gets his own. :)
My son and hubby are both pretty much eating what I eat, although my hubby is not very sneakily topping himself up with cheese toasties, and I suspect my son keeps raiding the girls cookies. Hubby doesnt need to lose any weight, hes one of those annoying ones who never changes weight no matter how much lard he stuffs down his throat. Son is losing a little by following the plan to some degree but its annoying and expensive when he claims to be doing it properly and the biscuit tin says otherwise.
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My OH doesn't whinge about SW but he whinges if he has to go too many meals without meat (I only do green days!). He is a perfectly healthy weight though so I often do a separate pan of food for him. It's generally the same as what I'm having but with oil not frylight and meat in it!
For example, normal bolognaise when I have quorn bolognaise, strips of chicken in a veg sauce we have with pasta, ham in his jacket pots, Tesco finest sausages when I have quorn sausage and mash, a steak with our roast veg couscous, beefburger with SW chips, eggs and beans....you get the idea ;)
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My hubby and son eat what I cook. If he doesn't like it, he can sort himself out but he's lazy so will always just eat whatever's put in front of him!

My son is only 20 months old but he eats well and I'm pleased that being on SW means I'm cooking from scratch all the time and giving him good food.

We all eat the same, the only exception being if I'm cooking something a bit spicy where I'll cook something else for the baby. He likes pasta :)


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ours is a family of 5 and so i wont cook seperate meals as they'll expect it all the time! if they want something different to what i have cooked they can fetch it for themselves :)

My kids dont even realise they are following any plan as the food is the same as normal. I've always cooked quite healthily and from scratch but we just arent topping that up with the takeaways and mountains of choc/crisps/junk anymore. well... not as much anyways...


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im really lucky, my bf doing it and he is being so good and not eating anything naughyt
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yep, but he's managed to loose over 3 stone by not eating 1/3 superfree so I've no chance of convincing him!

To be fair, he has Alpen Light for breakfast, mugshot or leftovers for lunch with mullerlight and then a properly SW dinner. So leftovers could be prawn noodles, couscous and roast veg, risotto, curry or whatever, but with at least 1/3 superfree.

My daughter (3) eats whatever we eat, as long as it is dairyfree.
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My OH dabbles with SW depending upon what's for tea! He tends to add bits and pieces to what I give him for dinner, like chicken tikka with a veggie curry, ham or sausage with egg chips & beans etc. Or if he is feeling that way out will order himself a takeaway instead. Sad thing is he always ends up losing more weight than I do - it's just not fair is it!!!