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Hi, I am new to SW but have many friends who have followed it and given me advice. I have also got quite a few of the small leaflet books and the free foods hardback cookbook. Hubby is also helping me by following it but he hasnt really got to lose anything, whereas I need to lose 3 stone. I am not really into sweet stuff like cake, biscuits and chocolate but as my name suggests I cant do without crisps in my life! I have been making lasagne crisps and roasted chickpeas, both which I love, but am I allowed to eat as many of these a day as they are both free foods? I prob have about half a can of chickpeas and a couple of lasagne sheets a day if I'm honest. I also snack on chicken legs (all fat removed) and thin ham slices/boiled eggs- is this all ok?

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There have been many conversations with differing opinions on this. It can often be classed as a "tweak" if you are using free foods such as potatoes or pasta to make a replacement for something that isn't ordinarily free like crisps. It's seen as these are only free foods if you are eating them as a part proportioned and balanced meal (speed/protein/free (carbs)) My opinion is that it's fine if it's not done often, but not a regular thing. The lean meat and egg snacks are absolutely fine.