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  1. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    Hello everyone

    This is my first post although I've been reading all your posts for some time.

    Whilst I'm new here, I'm not new to dieting. I've tried Cambridge and Lighterlife before, both very successfully while I was on the diets but soon put the weight back on.

    So I'm back at Weight Watchers because I should never have left. A few years ago I lost over 6 stone in 5 months and maintained for 2 years before putting it back on, and some!!!!!

    So today is my first day. I had a massive shock at weigh in. I've been off work since September having been in hospital for an operation and at my pre-op assessment they weighed me and I was a stone and a half lighter than I am now. How has that happened? I've been really quite poorly and most people lose weight when they're poorly!

    Anyway, onwards and upwards

    I am going to a Sensatori Hotel in Turkey at the end of August and I am determined to walk from sunbed to pool in a cossie without waiting to check no-one is looking and trying to get in the pool without letting anyone see what's under my sarong!

    I'm feeling very positive today. My older sister also started yesterday so that's nice.

    Wish me luck :)

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  3. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Good luck with it, how much do you hope to lose by August
  4. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    Thanks very much

    Three stone would be great but four would be better.

    I'm very tall and 'well made' and even though I weigh a ton I am size 22 on the bottom and size 20 on top so getting down to an 18 for my hols would be fab :)
  5. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    Home from week 1 weigh in. Lost 9lb. It was a very nice boost, although I've not found the week too bad
  6. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    fab loss hun well done!!!!
  7. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    Thanks very much. Am delighted and very motivated. Tried WW cheese and onion crisps tonight. I put worcestershire sauce on them and they were lovely. Am going to buy 7 packs at class next week :)
  8. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    Thought I'd update. If only to keep myself going.
    Lost 3lbs in week 2
    Lost 4lbs in week 3

    Just returned home from class and lost a whopping 6lbs this week.

    I'm amazed really. I did Lighterlife a few years ago and didn't lose 1 stone 8lbs in 4 weeks. I know it will slow down but it has been a brilliant boost. And it doesn't cost me the £66 a week I was paying Lighterlife either!

    Have to say though? How have I got to my age without realising how many calories are in potatoes? No wonder I have so much weight to lose!!!
  9. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    wow well done u! fab loss :)
  10. Amberley13

    Amberley13 Member

    Here to subscribe,I'm doing filling and healthy, thought I'd skip the SS bit as I've been counting for a few months now and enjoy the 49 weeklies :0)
  11. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    Thankyou and hello x

    I only did SS for the first week because I realised I knew nothing!

    If anyone had asked me before Christmas what I knew about dieting, I would have said I knew all there is to know. But like I said above, in reality, I didn't even know how many calories are in potatoes. It has been a real shock. I've been eating platefuls of them in stews etc. for years. Treating them like veg! How much more have I been getting wrong?

    So my mum bought me a little scale and I am weighing everything.

    People are stopping me at work now and commenting that they can tell I've lost weight although I have a long way to go. However in one of my first posts I said I would have been happy with 3 stone before my hols and as I have lost more than half that in 4 weeks and have 6 months to go, I think I'm going to try for 5.

    My boss told me recently that I am always setting unrealistic targets for myself which are impossible to achieve so I hope this isn't another one!

    Am off to buy one of those ceramic frying pans that you don't need fat to fry. x
  12. Amberley13

    Amberley13 Member

    You sound like you are very motivated and never let anyone tell you your goals are unrealistic, your goals are very realistic and re something to aim to. As you said earlier you previously lost a lot of weight on WW so you know that you can do it, keep going. I've been looking at those pans on the internet so it will be great to get a review of them let me know what you think of them, apparently the big test is if you can fry an egg in them without anything. I had my first WI yesterday ( i started on Monday but want to wi on a Saturday ) I lost 2 lb which I'm really pleased with. X
  13. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    u seem to be really on track hun :) well done!
    ur targets arent unrealistic! how rude of ur boss to say that! u know ur body and what ur capable of doing!
    keep it up hun and let me know what that pans like! ;)
  14. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    I definitely will, when I use it. Would be lovely to have a fat free fried egg eh?

    Well done Amberley. I'm hoping for a 2lb loss this week but feel like I've put on if anything. Get weighed tomorrow night so not long to wait.

    I go to my parents' for Sunday lunch every week and it would be unthinkable for me not to go as they'd be upset. I tried to explain to my mum that she really should stop using lard to make her roast potatoes, although they are lovely, but she wasn't having any of it. So not much tea for me tonight. :( xx
  15. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    Just back from class and lost another 4lbs. Only 2lbs more until I reach 2 stone. Am going to aim for that next week. Never imagined I would be able to lose 2 stone in 6 weeks so am going all out for that.

    Was really hungry after class so had a Weight Watchers cheese and onion quiche and I have to say it was really lovely. And satisfying. I'll be buying more of those

  16. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    thats excellent!!!! well done u uve done really well :)
  17. googlegoss

    googlegoss Full Member

    thats brilliant, well done
  18. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Well done you are doing great and even with your mums sunday dinner :). Keep up the good work you will def get your target by then
  19. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    Thanks everyone. Am really delighted with how it's going.

    I'm out with friends on Saturday. A meal at the local Italian at teatime and then on for drinks so am expecting to have a smaller weightloss this week but am aiming for 2lbs to get me to 2 stone x
  20. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    Wow you have done amazingly! Well done and good luck for the next week x
  21. Poppops

    Poppops Member

    Thanks Kittie B.

    Am feeling quite guilty today. I had a day out yesterday with my friends and it's a long time since we've done that. We went for brunch to a famous local restaurant and I didn't want to make a big deal out of the fact that everyone was having a full breakfast and how unhealthy that was. So I had two pieces of bacon, a sausage, two hash browns, some mushrooms and a piece of toast (very lightly buttered). And it was really good.

    Later on we had loads of drinks. And I do mean loads. Definitely my 49 weeklies worth!

    So later on, being tipsy, I waivered and joined everyone for an Indian. I had THREE poppadoms, a plain naan and some chicken tikka. And being me (that is, greedy) I polished it off when I got home with a pack of WW crisps and a WW carrot cake.

    There was just no need. I think I may just and so have stayed within my points but maybe not.

    I really wanted to lose 2lbs this week to have hit the 2 stone mark but think I may have blown it. I'll try and make up for it today and tomorrow before my weigh in tomorrow night.

    Am not doing this again !!!!!

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