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Brand new start


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After a summer of eating and drining pretty much what I fancied (and the rest) it was time to try on the work trousers before I go back to school next week. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Not good!
Im going to try to do this alone this time??? Here goes.

Day 1: Wednesday (EE)

Breakfast - 0% Greek Yoghurt with strawberries and blueberries

Dinner - Big fat BLT made with 3 slices ww danish (HEB)

Afternoon snack - crabsticks

So far so good...... the plan for the rest of the day is....

Tea - Jerk prawns and spicy rice then a load of Damsons I intend to pick off my neighbours tree!!

HEA - Milk in tea

Rach :devilangel:
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Its a new start for me today too.
i've only eaten fruit and a bacon and brown bread sandwich so far today... tonight i'm off to an aqua aerobics class.
Good luck with the rest of your day!


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That should read 'drinking' pretty much what i fancied - doh!
It must be a day for new starts, first of the month and all that - Ive got a wedding to go to at the end of October and it would be criminal not to wear the dress I paid a blooming fortune for and only wore once.
I can just about fasten the zip but look like a well stuffed sofa in it!!


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My boyfirend is making the jerk prawns for our tea and so I dont have the recipe just yet - He's a chef, which has its good and its bad points!!! He assures me its syn free.

I'll get the recipe off him later and post it for you!

Rach x


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Day 2

so i made a good start yesterday - tea was gorgeous so i will be adding the recipe for anyone who wants it.

Bk yoghurt with ffuut salad

Lunch tuna and sweetcorn on wm bread roll HEB, apple and damsons

Tea pasta with garlic, basil and tomato sauce.

HEB milk
Syns ... Saving them for the weekend.

Rach x


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Day 3 - Friday

Im going camping with some friends in scarborough tomorrow and i know it will be a very boozy affair so ive been saving my syns so far for that - its too unrealistic to say Ill only have the one!!!

It's the last day of my hols today (Im a teacher) and I finish my book whilst soaking up some rays today:)

Extra Easy Day
HEB - skimmed milk for tea/ coffee
Bk - FF Greek yoghurt with banana and blueberries

Lunch - ryvita with cottage cheese and tuna salad

Tea - Think Im going to give that Jamie Oliver fish pie a go tonight!?!?!? Would anyone recommend it?

My other half is vegetarian and although EE is certainly easier I do find that most of the recipes contain meat. I know the magazine has a limited number of veggie options that are not just pasta:(

Have aq good one all

Rach x


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Monday 6th Sept

Ok, saturday was a very bad slimming world day - very boozy which shamefully meant I was dying yesterday!! I could not keep anything down until late in the evening and when I finally recovered I ordered had a king prawn chow mein (syns on extra easy????) from the take away. Aggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

So today is a new day and all that. So far Ive had...

HEA: Milk
Bk: Banana with damsons and Yoghurt
Lunch: Big ham salad with 3 slices ww bread (HEB)

Im about to do some quick pasta and tomato sauce for tea then am going to try my new 'New York City Ballet Workout' DVD I ordered online - Im thinking long lean limbs rather than the short stumpy legs I have at the moment!!

Rach x


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Tuesday EE Day

HEA Milk

Bk - FF Fromage frais, banana, peach

Lunch - Pastrami sandwich (HEB for bread)

Tea - Tuna Sweetcorn pasta bake



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Weigh in this morning - Lost 4lbs!!!!!!!!! Very chuffed considering saturdays shenanigans

Eeeeek - Had a chocolate craving and scoffed bar of Dairy Milk (13syns). Oh well thats 13/ 70 weekly syns gone!!!
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Thursday 9th September - EE Day

Ive had a very hungry day today, actually more picky than hungry. It TOTM and think Im trying to stave off chocolate cravings with plenty of free food instead.
What Ive had so far is...

HEA - Milk
Bk - Plums with FF yoghurt. 1 piece wholemeal toast (HEB)

mid morning snack - nectarine and an apple

Lunch - tuna pasta leftovers!!!

mid afternoon snack - wafer thin ham

Im just making Tea now, its a mixed bean chilli that i\m going to have with rice - good and filling hopefully.

Hope youre all having a good day

Rach xx;)
Friday 10th September - EE

Full of a blooming cold. Boooooooooo!!!! :jelous:
Im never the kind of person who goes off their grub when they are ill, would I be here if I was? So was feeling very sorry for myself; here goes... this is what I had!

HEA - Milk in tea/ coffee
Bk - HEB Crunchy Bran with Banana

mid morning snack - a nectarine
(There were cakes galore at work as it was 2 of the girls birthdays... I was SOOO tempted but resisted - thought about the darn things sat on the table in the staff room all day though!)

Lunch - Jacket potato with sliced turkey salad, fat free vinagrette and an orange (for the vitamin C!)

then got in from work and crawled on the sofa. My BF called and thought I sounded so rough that he came round with some flowers (good), buttercup syrup (must check the syns) and a King Prawn Chow Mein!!!!!!!!!
In the book is says a chicken chow mein is 7.5syns but would have thought king prawn would be less but will count it as that.

I must also confess that I went into the garage (where I hid all the baddies the kids gave me when we broke up in july) and had 3 hazelnut whirls!!!! at 2.5syns each

So that gave me a points total of 16 for the day - I havnt opened the buttercup syrup yet!

Rach xx

29/70 syns

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