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Brand New to SW

Hi everyone :p

My name is Torsie and I'm from Surrey.

I lost 3 stone last year on WW but gained it all over the winter when I had to have emergency surgery which left me unable to excercise for 3 months and feeling sorry for myself so I went back to eating loads of junk like before I started on WW.

I have tried to go back on WW but just can't find the motivation, so this week I am joining SW as I have read so many great things about the plans and I know that I will do well with a new healthy eating method to learn all about.

I have also started the Couch to 5k running programme and have jsut done session 2, which I am enjoying (although I don't feel like it during the runs, lol)

I can't wait to get back in shape, as I'm getting married in 18 months and want to buy my dress in the spring, in a size 12, which is a couple of stone away from me at the moment!
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Welcome along hun, you couldnt have picked a better site to join! Everyone here is so friendly and will help you out in what ever way they can. You doing SW alone or have you joined a class? Either way, all the best of luck to you :) x
Welcome along hun! Welcome to SW and to this forum - if you need to know anything, ask away - there's always someone here, and we talk about all sorts of stuff too!!

Good luck. xx
Thanks for such fast, and warm welcomes! :)

I am joining the class this Thursday and really can't wait to get back on the healthy wagon! (Although I go on holiday in 5 weeks so tere will be a 2 week break, but we'll be doing a lot of walking and I know I won't want to eat a lot in the heat so hopefully I'll only gain 1 or 2 lb.)

But it'd be great for my clothes to be a little looser by then! :)

I was just brave and weighed myself for the first time in months and I was actually half a stone less than I was expecting, phew!!!

Off to update my information, make a signature and possibly start a journal. :) I know that keeping track of my journey will really help to motivate me more. :)


Nojo on the YoYo
Blogs rule, I love mine! If you make one I will link to it on mine if that's ok with you, I like to keep track of what other people are doing on the plan. :D

Welcome to the best healthy eating plan you will EVER do!
Hi Vixxster! :) How exciting to see we have such similar amounts to lose! :) You can definitely link to my blog once it's all started.

I really should go have a bath but something tells me I might forego it for a quick shower so I can stick around on this forum longer, lol!


Nojo on the YoYo
:D :D yeah it will be cool to see if our weight losses are similar!

This forum is really awesome, you're gonna love it!
Thanks Vixxster, here's hoping we can really help each other along! :)

Wow, well done so far Donnie! It's so exciting to see SW working so great for all of you guys! Ooooh I wish the meeting was tomorrow! Lol!
Welcome to the forum, It's fab. Everyone is very friendly and very helpful. I've been lurking in the background but it's one of the first places I come to everyday to read all the wonderful advice and recipe ideas. xx
Hello and welcome to the forum. You will enjoy sw as you have so many choices of what to eat. In no time at all you will be dropping sizes and that dress will look amazing for your big day. Good luck on your journey and well done on getting into the running.

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