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Bread and all things evil..

you're not alone is all i can say i love it and the thought of freshly baked bread with real butter:) i suppose the only suggestion i can give is enjoy it when you have it. make a deal with yourself and eat some and really savour it and then do an equivalent amount of exercise so you dont feel guilty:) thats what i started doing and its great:)


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Maybe do the exercise first and then you know you can really enjoy it.

Even better is don't give into temptation but we all know how hard that can be!

By the way stodgy things have been my problem for years and on my diet I am not missing them, so I must be doing something right!


Bring on the weight loss!
Mmmmmmmmm carbs and stodge lol I still have my brown bread everyday, but my mouth waters at the thought of fresh bread with butter or sausage rolls etc mmmmmmmm

But then again I realise - carbs are the enemy lol Urgh!!! Sucks no?! X


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I've found a couple of things to have with my bread that is a lot better then butter: home-made smoked mackerel pate (loads of low cal recipes on net); WW mini tuna tins - my fave is the coronation tuna one; home made baba ganoush (an aubergine dip like hummus); very low fat garlic and herb soft cheese. These allow you to be generous in the spreading and can make one slice seemed extra delicious. I also like microwaved mushrooms on toast with just a scraping of light Lurpak. Also the extra bit of prep can help me to put the amount I intend to eat on a plate rather than just stand in the kitchen pulling pieces of a loaf. Anybody else got an ideas??


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I don't have any ideas as like Jojo says, carbs not good, when you are on a low carb diet like I am with Go Lower!!!!!

Anyway, I am doing really well not missing warm bread, but then I did recently have some while on holiday...... warm french bread rolls with garlic butter...... it was delicious but hey, no more until my next holiday. Now I know I can cheat for a week or two not gain anything I am very happy.
see the beauty of it is you need carbs to exercise so you can have the best of both worlds - if you seen what i ate yesterday you would be so jealous but only cos i cycled for an hour and had 600 spare calories to play with:)

never mad about sausage rolls or pastries or anything like that, my downfall is chips:)


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I prefer the NOT exercising option for me!!!!

Sausage rolls I have to admit were another of my down falls, especailly the warm ones from the bakery..... as well as chips and burgers and any pretty much any other stodge.

So proud of myself I am not missing all that "bad" food!


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Awww. Carbs aren't evil :cry:

Long live carbs! :clap:

It's what we put on carbs that are the problem. It's the fats, and the sugars that set the dopamine off in the brain and sends us into a spiral I call Fred.

Try binging big time on a packet of flour, or even unbuttered loaf of bread, and Fred doesn't give so much grief ;)

Butter your bread, or add fats to your flour to make pastry and he'll swing into action...wanting more and more. Well, unless you can control him.
Most days I have a piece of toast (usually brown but occasionally not) with a laughing cow on it! Keeps me going for much longer than toast with butter, and there's loads of topping on it so you feel like your eating something bad for you.

Some days there is just no substitution for fresh bread and butter, and within reason it can be good just go give in. I don't like feeling deprived (but I'm not doing low carb so I'm not going off my diet if I do).

I prefer the NOT exercising option for me!!!!

Sausage rolls I have to admit were another of my down falls, especailly the warm ones from the bakery..... as well as chips and burgers and any pretty much any other stodge.

So proud of myself I am not missing all that "bad" food!
thats great to hear and long may it continue:) seriously wish you all the best with it.

from my own experience and its only me i'm talking about i've tried many times and many diets and i think the reason i haven't stuck with any of them is that i always gave up food that i liked. the allure of all the lovely food that i cut out got to me and before long it would pverpower me and back came the weight. so this time i'm not giving up anything and trying a different approach:) fingers crossed it works

e.g. had a lovely warm ciabatta there with egg and onion and olive oil that was amazing!! calories were less than 500 and it was so enjoyable i'd just hate to give up that sort of food. i also did an hour on the bike so no guilt either:)
An hour on the bike! I'm lucky to do 20 minutes haha.
But yeah, i think your approach works best for me breadbin otherwise i just get grumpy and give in.
I've done 10 days now and I've actually found it amazingly easy, compared to other times I've tried. Not that I'm complaining!

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I adore carbs - there's nothing like some fresh crusty bread with butter or, even better, dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar - yum!

I was the same - I craved carbs. Bread and butter, sandwiches, pasta, pastries. I realised that they didn't really agree with me and made me bloated so I stopped buying bread regularly ages ago. Maybe once a fortnight we will have a treat and I'll buy some crusty bread but the rest of the time I leave well alone.

The other night I had a pizza as a friend came round for the evening. The next day my stomach felt really bloated and fat and I felt horrible. I'm sure it was the pizza as the following day I felt fine again and my stomach had gone back down ;)
well raspberry long may it last!!:) depends entirely on the person and the willpower. i'm severely lacking in that respect;) i am an all or nothing type too so probably made too much of a change at the one time to keep it up but learning as i go:)

isn't bread and pasta etc at the bottom of the food pyramid? i.e. eat loads of?


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In the past I have never stuck to my diets because once I started eating my bread and stodge I always wanted more.

Since being on Go Lower because it is low carb my body has gone into keotosis so I don't feel hungry and don't even crave the foods.

I know if I felt like I was missing out I would not be able to stick to the diet but as the craving has gone I don't want the food. A totally new concept for my brain to get around but it is working for me and that is what matters!

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