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I use 1 point a day on bread on a regular day, sometimes 2 but my bread is 0.5 per slice, its not the WW bread thought its the kingsmill crustless 50/50 as it tastes like proper bread, the WW one was too cardboardy for my liking when toasted
Do you think im having to much i normally have 4 slices for brakfast,then 4 slices for lunch.I probally use 6 points a day which equals to 12 slices ww bread.
Thanks starlight,i always felt i was eating to much bread.I perhaps need to find some other ideas for breakfast and lunch.Because its low in points i actually felt i had a lot for breakfast and lunch.What do you normally have ?xx:)
Why not have 2 slices of bread for brekfast ( maybe try the crustless one its much more satisfying than the WW stuff ) and have and poached or scrambled egg on it, or a tin of WW beans for 2 points, or even garlic muchrooms. They are a few of the different things i have on mine in the mornings when i have time, either that ir its marmite lol. :D


Bye bye bellies!!!
I just posted on your thread with some examples of what I have had for breakfast and lunch. Some of them still include bread but it might help you cut down a wee bit. Good luck.

Bread is my downfall (and cheese!), can't have either in the house (except for the WW bread, as that's technically cardboard) ;)

I usually try not to have more than 4 or 5 slices of WW bread toasted per day. The WW Malted Danish seems to be slightly better than the WW White, and they do a thicker cut brown loaf now aswell I think, but possibly 1pt per slice as opposed to the normal 0.5. An old but good trick I find is to just cut it into smaller slices and put them in a pile, so it looks like I'm eating a lot more than I am.
I used to eat a lot of bread, but when I'm on ww I don't eat so much because it seems like a waste of points once I've added the butter etc.

I used to eat toast for breakfast, but now I have a bowl of cereal instead. I alternate between Tesco's version of coco-pops and Tesco boulders - 50g of cereal with 1/4 pint of milk comes to 3.5 or 3 points, and that's for a good sized bowl (not the recommended mice sized portion on the box, lol).
Id definitely recommend the Kingsmill crustless. Im like you Rosemary I love cheese. Its not great but Tescos HL cheese toasts not too badly, I have that quite often, just to get my cheese fix :)
Oooh had some of that cheese delivered today, I LOVE cheese on toast, real comfort food :D
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