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The reason 2 slices of bread is 5 instead of 4 is because the slices individually have been rounded down. So if they actually come in at 2.4, WW points them at 2pp. But two would then be 4.8 which is obviously closer to 5pp.

I only count them together if they're part of the same meal. If I have one in morning then one for supper I count them separately. :)


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Its how I do it anyway - not sure what the official party line from WW is.

So yeah it would be 5pp in the morning and 5pp in the evening.
The official line from WW is that even if you have them at separate times you should count the higher points. But they dithered about that for ages!

Because it works the same way in the opposite direction sometimes (ie. Two items may be 1PP each, but you could have 3 for 2PP) as long as you are consistent with the way you treat the rounding you should be ok


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well on the app/esource it allows you to put them in for separate meals and have them counted separately, so they'd need to reprogramme their software if they want to implement that rule.

I think most people would have the common sense to know that once in a while is okay, but when your purposely planning food to abuse the rounding you know you're doing it wrong. It's very easy to forget that the only damage you are doing is to yourself... x

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