breaded fish


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Hi everyone,

Is breaded fish a big no no on SW? I bought some frozen breaded haddock fillets from Asda yesterday thinking they would make a change but they seem to be 9 syns on EE :cry:

I have tried fish without the breadcrumbs but really don't enjoy it at all. Does anyone know of any fish in breadcrumbs that is a bit lower? or shall I just give up on it?

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I make my own! Just whizz some bread in a food processor (if it's wholemeal you can count is as a HEXb, or syn it), whisk some eggs and put on a plate, dip fillets of fish in the egg then in the breadcrumbs (on another plate), spray with frylight and grill or ovenbake! You can add seasoning/herbs/spices of your choice in with the breadcrumbs which makes it yummier!X


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You could make your own fish in breadcrumbs or have you tried the fish in parsley or butter sauce. The ones in sauce are 2.5syns each but that's a lot less plus once you have added mash (if you're on an EE day) & veg it's a very filling meal x


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i bread white fish myself u could use hex for the bread crumb or use the one u buy from shops cant remember how many syns seem to think its not a lot

ones u buy from the shop have prob got batter on them before the bread :D


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I love fish in butter or parsley sauce, they are 1½ syns each (I usually have 2) they boil in the bag for about 10 minutes, then slit the bag and put on your waiting hot cooked veggies - lovely - a good easy and low syn meal.