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Breakfast always throws me off track

morning everyone - i know there is a breakfast forum but i need some help. I love having cornflakes but i know i need to syn them so when i first started sw i would make omellette or toast. However i really miss cornflakes, tried eating the other cereals that we can have but really dont like them. If i have a cereal bar in the morning it means i cant then use bread for lunch. I dont do yoghurt very well in the morning or fruit. I want my sw to be suit my life and i think not having cornflakes (easy & quick) is being unrealistic therefore not going to help in my journey so i suppose the thing for me is having so many syns so early in the day is a pain - does anyone have any suggestions? i felt with the eggs etc it was taking up too much time at 6am with the Little one to organise etc too - so frustrating as i love everything else about sw - maybe i just need someone to get my head round what i can do?? please?
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Bread is my enemy!
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I started off like this as i LOVE my crunchy nut cornflakes but to be honest it just wasn't worth using that amount of syns first thing in the morning.

I presume you do EE and can only have one healthy ex B? I do red days so tend to use one of my B choices for a HIfi bar for breakfast and then i'll have a yoghurt once i get to work and snack on fruit till lunch.

Only thing I can suggest if you're short on time in the morning is to keep trying the cereals that are on the healthy extra list as they are always adding new ones and then you can either have it as your B choice or syn it (which will be lower than cornflakes).

Sorry if thats not much help :confused: :)
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Im not sure why you cant just syn them? How many cornflakes do you have exactly? If you had a 'standard' size bowl it should only be between 5 and 7 syns which is the same as a HEX would be, but youve still got your HEX left over for something else later and 8-10 syns left for the rest of the day. You said youve tried toast in the past, so you have used HEXes/syns for brekkie before?

If you want more HEXes how about trying Green or Red?
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I think you need to either syn them or find something else. Personally I like a mountain of toast butter and apricot jam, but I accept that's not good so I mix it up and have something different!
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I feel you pain hun lol, at 7am with small child in tow making yourself a fry up from scratch just isn't going to happen. why don't you get yourself some syn free or low syn sausages and cook them the night before along with you scrambled egg the all you have to do is stick it in the microwave for a min whist your wrestling previously mentioned child in to school uniform. what about those small pots of beans you just peal the lid off and stick that in the microwave, no messing no opening tins with dodgy tin openers at ungodly hours of the morning, and you healthy extra slice of toast. Again I know you don't really want to use up your hexs but what about laughing cow on ryvita your allowed 4 ryvita for you hex b and if you have extra light laughing cow you could have 6 if you really wanted or what I would do is have 3 and allow yourself the rest for milk in your brews (dont know if this is technically allowed by SW but I can't see why not).

Malibu xx


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I'm a big cereal lover so ill will have it twice a week so I don't feel deprived the other days I make do with fruit and yoghurt


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How about half cornflakes and some fruit and yoghurt all mixed together so it is only half syns.
Or half cereal which is 1/2 hex b that leaves an alpen light bar for later and half cornflakes.


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I used to start work at 5am and I'm diabetic, so not having a breakfast of some kind just wasn't an option for me.

Why not think about a continental style breakfast? They can be made the night before easily, hard boiled eggs, ham, maybe wrapped around some sliced cheese if you can spare a hexA?

Failing that, the slimming world quiche, a wedge or two of that cold would work? Or make it in mini muffin tins lined with parma ham for an easier to eat option?

If you don't do fruit and yoghurt early on, is that just whole? I don't, but made into a fruit salad and served with a dollop of fat free fromage frais it worked for me!

Or if you're concerned about syns, a little of the above with a tiny bowl of cornflakes to satisfy the craving maybe?


Put the kettle on
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Time doesnt have to be an excuse re brekkie, Im up at either 4am or 6am for work. I will make things like sausage or bacon the night before while Im cooking my tea and have that in the morning with some toast or will boil some eggs while I get ready.

At the risk of sounding harsh, it all depends on how much you are willing to compromise to make the plan work and lose weight. I would love to eat pizza for tea everynight but it doesnt work on sw and I wont lose weight doing that. If you want to eat more bread and cereal are you sure sw is the diet for you?
Who says u have to have cereal for brekkie? Pre sw I sometimes took cereals to work for lunch as a change. U can have something else first thing - bacon sandwich, omlette etc and then u won't be using so many syns in the morning.
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When I know I'll be really pushed for time in the morning I have hard boiled eggs, they ca be boiled the night before and left in the fridge till morning.
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Sainsbury high fibre cornflakes are a HEB ;)

But if you ask me you are so focussed on what you think you can't have that you are completely missing everything you can have!
Hello everyone - wow thanks so much for all the replies, really appreciate it - what i was looking for was some way to not having too many syns early on, new ways of looking at breakfast ideas & ways to work sw without feeling as though i was being deprived - all of which i have got back from you all so huge thanks. Love some of the ideas like much smaller bowl of cornflakes or small bowl with yoghurt topped with fruit. Sainbury high fibre cornflakes sound like they would be ideal too. So glad i posted now as didnt even think to have a cornflakes few days out the week and it hadnt entered my mind to make breakfast the night before. Would this work with omellete? would i just bung in microwave for few minutes? Think in my head i was having cereal or toast (which i sometimes have with lauhging cow and tomato) and not thinking outside my own box...I had a weetabix oaty bar today and waited til i was at work which is also a new thing for me. Also been reading we can use original porridge made with water and add dash milk so again another idea...thanks everyone, just the inspiration i needed. Night night

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