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Breakfast and hunger


I want to be fitter again
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Just out of interest, does anyone get hungrier throughout the day if they have breakfast. Yesterday at 9ish when I arrived at work i had oatsosimple and banana and yogurt and was starving by 11am. The day before i had ryvita and hard boiled egg and was hungry by 11.30. Today I went straight to work but no breakfast and then out of the office until 12.45 and was still not massively hungry. All evening as well I have felt less hungry and not needing to pick as much. this is the thrid time I have tried this pattern so it is not a one off xx
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I do find this and this is how i normally behave. However, in the past i have found if i do eat breakfast and pick all day i lose more weight.
When i asked my Consultant she said it was because breakfast kick starts your metabolism and you therefore drop more pounds. Thanks for this post it has reminded me of this and i am going to make more of an effort to eat first thing and see if that improves my losses.
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Yeah if I skip it Im not as hungry & can go till lunch but I don't skip it anymore where possible as its not great is it and its supposed to be the most important meal of the day!

Must be some actual reason for it


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I think it's because if you don't eat breakfast your stomach shrinks! If you do eat it, it kind of paves the way for more food!! I however have to eat brekkie because it helps me concentrate on my work and I get dizzy if I don't eat! It also helps my bowels- a good feed in the morning 'moves things along' if you catch my drift!! LOL! Also if I don't eat brekkie I definitely get more 'picky' in the evenings!X
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I found this answer on Yahoo....

There are two main reasons that eating breakfast can lead to hunger later in the morning: One is the adaptive function of our body to conserve energy when we do not eat. It goes back to the caveman days: if there wasn't food around, our metabolism would slow down to conserve energy. Our bodies work the same way today: if we don't eat breakfast, our metabolism slows down and we are less hungry as a result. Some people don't get hungry till late in the afternoon if they don't eat breakfast--they skip lunch as well! But, as I mentioned, they almost always make up for it later in the day. If we eat breakfast, our metabolism starts running: "we have plenty of energy to use," our body says, "so let's start using it!" If we don't keep eating we get hungry in a few hours. It's okay to eat again then--just be sure to have a snack that's not too high in calories, such as a handful of nuts or a few crackers with peanut butter. Then you won't be starving at lunch time!

The other factor that causes people to be hungry a few hours after breakfast is the drop in blood sugar. Often at breakfast we eat foods that are high in carbohydrates and low in fat and protein, such as a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice, or toast with jam. Our blood sugar spikes high in an hour or so, and drops quickly in another hour, leaving us dizzy and weak by mid-morning--way before lunch time.


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fab thread - it all makes sense now !!! will make sure that I have a good breakfast to get metabolism on the go !!


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Just think of it like this.........

Breakfast = break (the) fast.

Your metab slows right down at night time, it needs a kick start to get it going again.

If you get hungry try changing what you eat for breakie. Try a more high protien (low carb) breaky like eggs rather than high carb.

Eggs keep me going all morning!!


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I asked this Q a while ago. I was having magic porridge for breakfast every morning at around 8am, then by 11am I was absolutely starving! I just munch on fruit to get through the hunger, I don't like to have lunch until at least 1pm!


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I don't usually bother with breakfast either, but after reading this, I'm now munching on a pear!

Hope it helps :eek:
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I found this too - how interesting!
I try and have my breakfast slightly later, 9:30 ish, to manage those hunger pangs!
I have breakfast about 7.30am at work which is usually, a mullerlight, banana and alpen light, then yes I feel hungry about 11am. But that could be the arrival of the sarnie ladie in work! I sometimes have a hardboiled egg mid morning or 3 babybel as my HXA. and a banana!


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I never used to have breakfast, but since starting SW I have had breakfast every morning! Part of teh reason I never had breakfast in the past was I was never hngry first thing in the morning - however last week or so I can def tell my body has got used to it as by the time 9am comes I am starving!


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I'm really bad at eating breakfast. A cuppa and a ciggie for me usually, although I do try to have some fruit or a yoghurt (or both) before ten o'clock.

If I do eat an early breakfast I'm always ravenous by about eleven and I will eat just about anything I can get my hands on.


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Yep, the same with me too. I usually have my breakfast at about 8am and then I'm hungry by 10am... I'm really hungry now and I've had porridge with banana and an apple for a snack!!! :D

But what I do to take the hunger pangs, is drink lots of water. I drink an awful lot anyway and find that this fills me up. They do say that if you're feeling hungry, then you should have a glass of water before reaching for food as it could just be thirst.
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I always have breakfast about 1hour after getting up. By this time I'm hungry & couldn't manage until lunch without eating.

I usually have cereal or rice with fruit & yoghurt or polenta porridge,with fruit.

Mid morning I'll have a piece of fruit & lunch is 12.30-1pm (mid week); I usually have my afternoon snack (fruit again) 3 ish, but I don't always have an afternoon snack.

I'm very lucky tea is waiting for me when I get home @ 5.30pm.:D


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I'm in college so the fact I cant eat in lessons does restrict me into eating at certain times. I am always hungry when I wake up so have brekkie at about half 7 then I will have a yoghurt and alpen bar at half 10 cos I find Im really peckish by then!
Absolutely!I find that if I didnt eat breakfast,I could probably go until my evening meal and not be hungry!I know its healthier to have breakfast,so I do, but on the downside I seem to graze all day(albeit on superfree food!)

I find on red days when I eat a lot of protein for breakfast(i.e bacon eggs)i am not as hungry,because protein keeps you fuller for longer!!

Glad I am not the only one who finds this!!:D


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whats magic porridge? sorry!

I have brekkie, but im gonna look to increase the size of my brekkie, cos im having alpen bars or a piece of fruit, which i dont think is enough to start off my metabolism! LOL! x

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