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Breakfast and lunch

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Hello all I work full time as a sales manager and sometimes I am at the office untill 8pm at night, I never have the time for a proper breakfast but I am determined to make this work. What do you eat for breakfast? How about Lunch? I need quick and easy suggestions. Do you plan your weekly menus?

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Hiya I work long hours up London, so i usually take a muller light and banana for breakfast.. or keep some wholemeal bread in fridge at work so I can have marmite on bread ... and lunch been taking in to work same as the previous nights meals in a little pack lunch box so through out day feels like lots to eat ... Fruit, yogurts , bread HEB pack lunch, mini baby bells HEA.... and then cook when I get in ... I dont eat to late week days ... xxxxx


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I have to set off at 7am so have very little time to be making breakfast, so most mornings it's something quick and simple like alpen light bar (2 for one HEb), fruit, natural yoghurt and fruit, mullerlight yoghurt. I also like Magic Porridge - 28g porridge oats (1 HEb) mixed with a mullerlight and left overnight in fridge.

Lunch is usually a piece of SW quiche, a Mugshot sachet, or last night's leftovers heated up in the microwave.


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I have chopped stawberries and banana covered in muller light yoghurt with a crumbled summer fruits alpen light on top - delish!! Really quite filling too. Oh and I have half a grapefruit most days too :)


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i take banana strawberries tangerine with mullerlight yogurt for breakfast and homemade lentil or vegetable soup for lunch:jelous:its really filling


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put your HEB choice of cereal in a muller light thats nice.

or invest in one of those little food flask things and put some porridge in it? think they are about £6 from robert dyas!

just an idea xx

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I dont usually have breakfast until around 9.30, so I quite often make something the night before - bacon, sausages, mushrooms, baked beans or tinned tomatoes (depending on the day)..if you have access to a microwave, you could do all sorts. I've invested in a microwave poacher as well and love poached eggs on 2 slices of Hovis nimble white (HeB).
I quite often make little weetabix cakes as well to nibble on with a cup of tea.


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Lots of great ideas there. We all lead busy lives these days but if we want to lose weight then we need to make it a priority in our lives and put a little bit of effort into it. Forward planning goes a long way as it takes away the uncertainty of last minute decisions about what to have, making it less likely you will reach for something naughty.


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Magic porridge (porridge allowance mixed through a muller light and chilled overnight) is really good for breakfast, I make mine up the night before and have it at work in the morning. I always plan my menu for the week after every WI! I always use my HEB for breakfast either on porridge or a kelloggs fibre bar, they're really yummy and on offer in most stores just now. If I need my HEB for something I'll make up yoghurt with chopped fruit like strawberries/bananas and have that in the morning at work instead of the HEB.

For lunch you could bake a potato the night before and make up a quick filling or take a tin of beans with you and use your HEA allowance for cheesy beans in a baked potato, if you have access to a microwave that is. Things like mugshots/pasta n sauce are quick but tbh I don't like overloading on these, so I wouldn't use those as lunch every day but now and again they're an easy yummy lunch. I make pasta salad every night for my lunch, it's just red pepper, spring onion, sweetcorn, chicken or quorn, penne pasta, tarragon, extra light mayo (1/2 a syn per tbsp) and seasoning.. it's so yummy!

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