Breakfast ideas??


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Im a porridge fan. Only 2.5 points with semi skimmed milk.


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Another porrige fan here too. :D

I am just loving it at the moment especially with some blueberries or seeds in.

What about smoothies for breakfast ?? have you tried any of those for a change ??

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I can't remember much about WW when I did it (well not the points one anyway), so forgive me if I'm saying something not allowed.

I usually have porridge in the morning. I keep a box of mixed frozen fruit in the freezer which I use for all sorts of things. Whenever I'm shopping I'll pick up a bag of whatever is going and just add it to my box.

I use 40g porridge, a handful of frozen berries and 'that much' of milk (sorry :D)

Quick stir and 2.5 mins in microwave. Truly scrumptious.

Smoothies get the frozen fruit treatment to. I also add yoghurt to smoothies as it keeps you going longer. (Porridge is low GI, so it does that all by itself.)


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Yep I am a porridge boy as well.

The Sainsburys Taste The Difference Porridge Oats With Jumbo Flame Raisins is the best I have found and only 99p for a packet.



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Hi Celtic Chick

I have had fabulous breakfasts every day this week on the Gi Plan. I have been so full that on days were I couldn't get lunch until mid afternoon I was absolutely fine.

Not sure what the weight watchers points would be on them though. You can see what I have eaten all week in my diary which is in the maintenance diaries section.

Dizzy x


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Cereal never used to keep me full up either. So I used to have a small snack mid morning to get me until lunch, and now I hardly ever need a snack anymore. As you lose weight your stomach shrinks anyway (it's what I've heard, I don't know if it's scientific fact) so I think it's just a matter of 'training' your body.

Breakfasts on my list are:

2 Weetabix and either 30g of sultanas (3 points) or 100g banana (3.5 points).

Oat-so-Simple orignal porridge and either 30g sultanas (2.5 points) or 100g banana (3 points) - The Oat so simple packets are only 1.5 points for the original one.

40g Cornflakes and either 30g sultana (3 points) or 100g banana (3.5 points)

Boiled egg, 2 slices of WW toast, 2tsp of Diet Flora (3 points)

Scrambled egg, 100g baked beans, 2 slices of WW toast (3.5 points)

2 slices of WW toast and 100g of Banana (2.5 points)

Hope that helps someone.