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I don't have my first pack until around 2pm/3pm.

It works for me because evenings are my downfall and I never ate breakfast a great deal anyway.

However, some people I know would hate not being able to have a pack at lunch time.



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Cheers Jess, evenings are my downfall too. I'm sometimes craving something sweet so my plan is to have porridge breakfast at around 1pm then wait until evening time and have a soup and a bar. Can't wait until I get my next packs from my CDC as I had been limiting myself to three bars a week but I think I'll up it to five.


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Hello love,
I never used to eat breakfast at all but because i get into work at 730 everyday now im starving by midmorning. Only problem is usually by around 6pm ive had my three meals and when it gets to around 9pm i feel like snacking.
So now I cut my bars into little peices and eat them in the eve's and I divide my soup into two and make 2 small batches of it one for lunch and one in the eve.(or shake/porrige whichever suits) and I have my tetra for breakfast. But most importantly I drink lots and lots of water usually around 3-4 ltrs as much as I can manage.
I hope some of these ideas help as doing it this way i've never felt hungry once! xxxx


Its not a problem when you have your packs at all

Some mornings I don't have m first pack until 12, usually at weekends, during the week I have first pack at about 6am as thats when I'm up.

As long as you have your 3/4 a day it doesn't matter.


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I have my first pack at around 11, then in theory 3 and 8 but it doesn't seem to be working out like that..
Last night I had a choc shake at 4:30 and then a soup at 7, but seemed to be cramming them in then...

I like to have my last one with OH when he is having his evening meal - it's the middle one that I seem to struggle timing right

Tonight I have a training course at 7 til 9 so won't have my last shake until 9:30ish

I find that as long as I have adequate water then it doesn't really matter...


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I have a tetra at work at about 12, then soup when I get in from work at about 5pm and then a shake or bar in the evening about 8pm - works ok for me. Weekends I try to have my first shake as late as possible to make them last the day.
I sometimes have only a bar in small pieces a cup of green tea (plus lots of water) throughout the day and then will have 2 shakes with 1 scoop of mix a mousse in the evening made into a largeish mousse (and more water). I have wondered if this is OK or should I spread the out more? I've had no stomach problems at all doing it this way
I have 4 sachets a day, one around 10.30am and the next one at 1pm, then round 5ish, and the last one when i finish work at 10pm so i would assume you can have the sachets anytime of day.


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Just throwing this in to stir it up... People most successful at keeping weight off after a diet usually have breakfast. So maybe it's time to start having a pack around breakfast time... Just a thought.

I usually have my bar for breakfast between 8-9 and then a tetra for lunch about 1pm and then a shake for dinner around 8pm. In between times I drink loads of water. Just kept the packs to the same times as I would have meals.

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Ooohhhh it's funny to read all the different ways we all have our meals. Got some good ideas from this thread. I always have my poridge first thing. find it really warm and comforting. x nite all
I tend to have my porridge in the evening :) I have shakes etc at all different times of day- just depends how busy I am.

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