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Hi Guys....

I've kind of hit another plateau at 3 stone and it's getting on my bloody nerves!

I have been reading a lot about breakfasts, mixing protein and carbs seems to be the way forward but it goes against how I have been eating in the last 8 months....

Apparently (cant remember the right terminology but).. if you mis proteins and carbs in a breakfast, say poached egg on toast and a banana then your body will react well and you will not get any spikes during the morning.

I normally have a bowl of cereal about 7.30 but by 11 I am famished... or bored hahaha... and no i dont eat shreddies so my hunger is NOT locked up until lunch time!

I suppose I am asking those of you who eat a "larger" breakfast do you find it helps?


Julie x
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gunna be a fatty for ever
hey julie!!

I Have to have a bigger breakfast as i am starving!! I have a bowl of cereal. Usually the little vairety packs so i dont over do it coz i can never be arsed to get the scles out! They are only a pound for 8 at asda at min! I then usually have a slice of toast and a banana or an apple.

At the weekend usually sat morning after my weigh in i have a quorn sausage sandwich, each sausage is 49 cals and 1.7g of fat. then my brown bread, 74 cals 0.4g of fat per slice an 10gs of flora light 35 cals and 3.8g fat. Very filling and 283 cals and 8 grams of fat

so you could try one of them maybe? for a week to see if you can shift any more!!! xxxx
I need to try and remember the quorn sausages, not a shopping list kind of girl me!

I will def get some this weekend... 8 months ago I could eat fry ups till they came out of my bum but now something hot makes me feel a little queeszy but I managed to eat my egg on toast this morning ok actually.

Apparently your metabolism goes sky high if you eat a bigger meal early on, bring it on I say!!

Julie x
Hey Julie :) I usually have a bowl of special k with skimmed milk ( and sometimes add strawberries or blue berries to it), and 2 slices of wholemeal bread toasted with a couple of teaspoons of low sugar jam for brekkie. Every couple of days though, I'll have either a bacon sandwich for brekkie ( 2 slice wholemeal bread, 2 rashers of turkey bacon and tom sauce), or pilchards in tomato sauce ( I found some that are well below the 5% fat rule :D) and have them on wholemeal toast.
Apparently protein is what makes you feel fuller, and satisfied for longer :)
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i can easily go without brekkie, hence why im stuck, i need to eat something but normally manage a yoghurt....if that :(


plodding away
I feel better on a larger brekkie especially if it has protein with it. Have been partial to eggs in the past but not anymore alas.

If I'm on afternoons will have more of a brunch thing with low fat sausages or bacon, toms, mushrooms and toast. If on a morning can only really manage cereal at 6am so have yogurt and fruit about 9 ish to keep me going until lunch.

I need to eat big meals to feel satisfied, or will pick all day.

i eat fresh fruit for breakkie or a smoothie , sometimes fruit and fibre with skimmed milk.. but have a low fat snack mid morning to stay from going hungry xx

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